Medical Marijuana’s Impact in Today’s Workplace

I am a product of the 90s. I watched “TGIF” every Friday night growing up, can recite all the lyrics to the most popular New Kids on the Block songs and am fluent in “Friends” quotes. Never have I used Ross’ “Pivot!” line more than in the past few years.

We in the HR world have been charged with updating our company policies and practices each time federal and state regulations change. And lately it seems like we’ve been asked to “pivot” daily. I exaggerate, but between ever-evolving COVID-19 regulations and medical marijuana laws, it does seem like it.



Returning from Vacation? Five Ways to Do It Right

It was the best vacation you’ve had in recent memory. Only now, a week into being back on the job, you’ve discovered a common problem: you’re still on vacation.

At least mentally, that is. Recent surveys suggest people are finally taking the vacations they had put off during the pandemic. According to a June Korn Ferry survey, 79% of professionals say they will use more vacation days in 2021, and 46% say they will take a longer vacation than in past years. But while there is plenty of advice on how to get away...


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

You have fallen out of love with your job. No amount of date nights, second chances, or counseling services will make the situation right. You figure that it is time to move on to greener pastures, but is it?

There are ebbs and flows to every relationship, and jobs are no exception. What attracted you to your current position — challenging assignments, a fun work environment, money — may no longer be enough to keep you interested and satisfied. However, before mentally checking out and looking for a new position, make the following considerations.

1. Begin by having a conversation...


Thread People

Did you know that my wife is amazing? It’s true. Not only because she’s been my better half for nearly 32 years (in October of this year), but she balances me in a way few others do. She always nudges me every Saturday to make sure I write a blog post on Sunday. How freaking cool is that ??!! Then, she coyly says, “Do you need me to give you an idea again this week?” She giggles and continues. “You know, you rely on me for these ideas EVERY week.” I roll my eyes...


Now More Than Ever... Introducing your #SHRM21 Influencers


Now more than ever...HR professionals are shaping the world of work. Over 200 concurrent sessions will provide a complete education for HR professionals at every stage of their career. Based on the SHRM Competency Model, these sessions will delve into the cutting-edge trends that will impact your workplace.

Thousands of attendees will expand their worlds as they travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, or attending virtually, September 9-12 for SHRM21 -- and SHRM Influencers are sure to be a big part of the experience. 

We are honored to officially announce the #SHRM21Influencers, all of whom truly represent this year’s conference theme, Now More Than...


Lunching in California


This post is strictly for the purposes of illustrating WHEN that lunch break in California must be provided.

The state says “… a meal period must be provided no later than the end of the employee’s fifth hour of work (in other words, no later than the start of the employee’s sixth hour of work).  …”

In my role as an HR Knowledge Advisor, I have heard hundreds of times over the years about that one sentence in the state’s law:

“What does that mean?” “Show me.” “Can...


Eight Simple Sourcing Innovation to Attract More Candidates

What is a simple sourcing innovation you created to attract more candidates?

To help your business attract more candidates, we asked HR experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From leveraging AI to forefronting benefits offered, there are several tips that may help your business attract more candidates than ever before. 

Here are eight simple sourcing innovations to attract candidates: 

  • Update job descriptions often
  • Leverage AI For scheduling immediacy 
  • Create Internship opportunities
  • Utilize talent you already have
  • Send follow-up emails
  • Forefront the benefits
  • ...

Oh, I can do that, I’m exempt!


I recently had a call from a member expressing their frustration with their exempt employees strolling into work at a time that “works for them” and leaving when they feel their day is done versus following their employer’s work schedule. It seems that these employees are translating their exempt status into “exempt” from work schedules, time and attendance policies, leave approval policies, and other company rules. I explained to the member that employers do not have to tolerate this behavior, and yes, you can set expectations and even discipline exempt employees for violating company policies or rules!

The term...


How to Begin Your HR Analytics Journey


HR departments are now involved in analyzing HR metrics at more than 90% of enabled organizations, according to a recent employer survey.

That’s great news for HR as a professional group, but if you are a member of the roughly 10% currently outside the HR analytics loop, then you’ve got some work to do to level up. Fortunately, catching up has never been easier.

Companies often say employees are their greatest asset, but, typically, their employees are the part of the business they know the least about. HR can help fill in that...


The Pachyderm and the Pandemic


It’s no secret the pandemic brought unprecedented upheaval to the American workforce.

Overnight, many of us had to learn to work from home or take significant precautions at work. Over the first few weeks, thousands lost jobs.

The pandemic shocked us out of our routines and gave us a chance to see our work, jobs, and lives with a fresh perspective. The result was an exodus from jobs of all kinds. Some people decided not to return to the workforce for personal reasons. Others changed companies, or even...