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Renée is a bit of a tech addict who spends far too much time furiously investigating new opportunities and theories in the world of people & culture. She’s enthusiastic about the contribution that forward thinking leaders can make in ensuring that work is a place where people can be fulfilled, and have opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

Renée is the Learning & Organisational Development Manager at YMCA Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. YMCA Victoria is one of the largest not for profits in Australia and operates across 10 different industries with 6,000+ staff. Renée is active on social media and established the Melbourne-based People People Catch Up group (a monthly networking community), blogs at and collaborates globally through Twitter (@ReneeRoberz).

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Disruption doesn’t happen from the inside.

The founders of Invisalign weren’t dentists. Uber wasn’t created by Taxi drivers. Airbnb wasn’t created by hoteliers. And yet now they dominate their industries after completely upending them.

March 19, 2018



How do you go about innovating new solutions within your organisation (or the organisations you work with)? Recently I’ve had some great discussions on this issue, as the impact of global ways of working further permeates into our every day.

July 12, 2017



Last year I attended SHRM for the first time - it was spectacular!

Attending as an international delegate, the scale of the conference was mind-blowing - much bigger than anything I've attended in Australia or New Zealand. I was surprised with the number of international participants, but to be honest the biggest takeaway for me was the calibre of attendees and speakers alike.

March 21, 2017



I have LOVED the #SHRM16 conference and it has really forced me to get out and meet some fantastic people - both ones that I've had the opportunity to connect with online and also some completely new friends.

June 22, 2016

If you cannot feel it radiating through your screen, let me tell you, I’m pretty excited!  In a matter of weeks, I’ll be arriving to Washington, D.C. with possibly the best cohort of people you could ever want to conference with. No sarcasm: HR people are the best – we make a difference in people’s lives, we get to work in every industry, and we get to contribute to easily the most interesting part of work – the people!

May 24, 2016

HR's 'seat at the table' is something that is often waxed lyrical about, again, and again, and again. We're given 10,000 reasons why we should already be there, why we'll never get there, what you're doing wrong, what your CEO is doing wrong and why we need a HR revolution to get there.

May 5, 2016