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Paul Wolfe is SVP of Human Resources at Indeed. He oversees all global human resource functions, including talent acquisition, employee retention, compensation, benefits, and employee development.

Mr. Wolfe has over 15 years of experience as a human resources executive having served as a VP and SVP at number of well-known companies, including, Orbitz, Conde Nast and Ticketmaster. His specialties include talent acquisition and management, succession planning, performance management, and leadership development.


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Recruiting, especially if you are growing at a fast pace, is a huge focus of your HR organization. We have the traditional tools of inbound, outbound and university recruiting, but let’s not forget about the fundamental basis of all recruiting - relationship building.

Recruiting tends to be very task-oriented- you have a job and you need to fill it with the best person you can find. But remember those people that you have met in the past, and you think, wow, that person I met last year would be perfect for this role. I wonder where they are or what they are up to?

February 25, 2016


January 21, 2016


You’ve probably just wrapped up your plans for 2016 and would like to focus on executing for a successful year. Instead of waiting until late next year to begin the planning process once again, I want to challenge HR leaders to plan now for the next several years.

December 14, 2015