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For the last 50 years, the SHRM Foundation has funded two major initiatives: academic research on effective and efficient HR practices, and scholarships for HR professionals and students. Over that 50 year span the SHRM Foundation has impacted the lives of thousands of HR professionals and students by providing research-based HR solutions and scholarships—but it was time for a change.

January 30, 2017

The U.S. workforce – like that of many countries around the world – is aging.  HR professionals and other business leaders are understandably growing increasingly concerned with how they will replace these exiting workers, especially those with high in-demand skills and education.

March 31, 2014

News Updates
June 25, 2012

At SHRM we have been researching some of the factors that are affecting job growth in the U.S. This is important information for HR professionals who are on the frontline and in the trenches dealing with the filling of jobs. Although there are many reasons that U.S. job growth is very slow, SHRM Research has identified some problematic issues that need solutions from HR professionals.

December 19, 2011