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Sean Little is the VP of Marketing for FirstJob matches current students and recent college graduates with internships and quality career opportunities. Sean also runs FirstJob’s campus ambassador program at campuses across the country, helping students learn marketing topics while connecting them with top brands and job opportunities. When not busy trying to help recent grads find their dream job, Sean can be found out in San Francisco partaking in live music. 

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Today's talent pool is better educated and more tech-savvy than ever. They use various technologies as consumers and in their personal lives, and they expect employers to have the same level of comfort with technology as they do.

July 23, 2015


Professional development is not exclusively for CPAs, attorneys, physicians, engineers and others who must satisfy the requirements for renewing a professional license. It can help businesses be more competitive by fostering an environment in which employees are more productive, loyal and content.

June 17, 2015


Although the definition varies, millennials (also known as Generation Y) are typically considered to be those people who reached legal age around the turn of the 21st century. Currently, millennials comprise approximately 33 percent of the global work force, and estimates from the BPW Foundation project that by 2025, that number will increase to 75 percent. In short, millennials are the future of your business, and they must be managed effectively — and included in your succession planning.

May 18, 2015


Recruiters face a paradox. Currently, there is an amazing pool of talent available to be tapped, but the sheer numbers make it increasingly difficult to locate perfect candidates. This makes it more important than ever to develop a true recruiting strategy. The following tips can help you map out your strategy for recruiting the best candidates.

March 31, 2015

Recent college graduates have a serious problem. Job statistics increasingly show that college graduates are underemployed and, even when they find employment; they are only rarely in a field applicable to their college majors (or that they expected to get a job in). This isn’t ideal for young adults trying to get into rewarding careers, and ultimately it’s not good for business, either.

February 3, 2015