Paul Falcone is a human resource executive and author based in Los Angeles. 

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Emotional intelligence (EI) is typically described as someone's ability to read other people's signals and respond appropriately to them, as well as recognize and understand their own emotions so they can influence the emotions of others. What better opportunity is there to demonstrate EI than during the interviewing and candidate selection process?

April 2, 2018



Nina is a one-person employee and labor relations department for a midsize hospital. Her job can get rather busy because line managers reach out to her often for support in holding their employees accountable.

July 29, 2017

In July 2014, Littler published its third annual Executive Employer Survey, which examined how the nation’s largest employers are being affected by current economic conditions and regulatory changes. 

Not surprisingly, the survey found an increase in the number of employers whose employees are so disenchanted and disengaged that they’re suing their companies more aggressively, primarily for discrimination and harassment.

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August 27, 2014