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Like most of the #SHRM18 attendees and bloggers I have a lot of thoughts to share with you all from the sessions I attended, but one has constantly been running through my mind since Wednesday.

What if you only had 48 hours to respond to the biggest opportunity of your lifetime?

June 26, 2018



One of the things I get excited about as a conference blogger is the chance to chat with some of the speakers ahead of the event. I pick different speakers every year to, wait for it…, expand my world! Okay, that was a cheesy set-up to spotlight the theme, let me move on!

May 30, 2018


It never feels like enough time at national conference.

June 26, 2017

YOU GUYS, #SHRM17 IS ALMOST HERE!!! I’m so excited! I love having the opportunity to see some of my HR Friends from across the globe, learn new things, and meet new people. I spend a lot of time going through the sessions listed and deciding which sessions are relevant to where I am in my career or current problems I’m trying to solve as well as which sessions might stretch my capabilities or prepare me for a future problem I’ll face as I work to progress in my career.

June 9, 2017



The countdown is on for #SHRM17!! I get so excited for the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition every year because I’m guaranteed to see some of my extremely smart HR pals, discover some awesome presenters, learn a thing or two, and have a great time.

April 26, 2017


Conference wraps up tomorrow afternoon, but there's still plenty to see and do! So what can you look forward to today? Here's a quick list! 

June 21, 2016

Day 2 of #SHRM16 is underway, and I'm hearing a lot of good things and seeing some fun takeaways via social media for all levels of HR professionals.

June 21, 2016


I'm so excited to share this post with you! I recently had a call with Sara Shinneman, SHRM-SCP & Deborah Rocco with Interaction Associates (Check out their site, I found a ton of great blog posts on the issue and some white papers) on their presentation they will be giving at #SHRM16 called "Bridging the Gender Gap: A New Approach to Shattering the Glass Ceiling." 

June 8, 2016

#SHRM16 is just around the corner, and I cannot describe how excited I am to reconnect with the best HR pros from across the country in D.C. this summer. As I study the schedule of speakers and topics this year, I can’t help but revisit the theme of the conference: Breakthrough Moments. I think the theme is appropriate, and it has me thinking back on some of the breakthrough moments I’ve already had in my career.

June 1, 2016

Here’s my common sense response to the FLSA proposed rule. Pay your people for the work they are doing. Seriously, that’s all. Ideally, pay them what they are worth. If you don’t think they are worth what you’re paying them, it might be time to part ways.


July 16, 2015

#SHRM15 the conference is a wrap! We had a lot of fun, it was really hot, I met great people, hung out with old friends, and had a classy time!


Now that we’ve learned lots of great tips and tools and received some wonderful advice, it’s time to get to work! Where should we start? Well, let’s talk about engagement. Engagement is something we learned a LOT about this week. Let me recap:

July 6, 2015

Today is the first full day of #SHRM15 and we bloggers have been busy bees! I’m pretty proud of myself for getting up before the sun over here and cranking out a run AND getting back to the room and ready in time for a 7 am session! By the way, it’s really, really hot here. As our friend Penn Jillette says, “Its 100 and hell out here.” This morning’s session is the one I have been looking forward to the most, even more so than the general sessions lined up this week.

July 1, 2015

A week ago I was listening to Robin Roberts inspire 10,000+ HR professionals with her journey, wisdom and strength. I continue to be impressed with the speakers that SHRM pulls for events, but Robin Roberts probably takes the cake! She was so humble and I love her sense of humor. A week later I’m still sitting her amazed at the honor of sharing a room with her. She was just amazing, but we also heard from one of our own, Heather Abbott.

June 30, 2014

 #SHRM14 is just a few days away and I’m packing up for a week away with my HR buddies. I’m pretty excited for the opportunity to attend annual conference again. For me it’s like a place to recharge and get excited for the profession again. You’ll hear inspiring stuff from the keynote speakers, something you can bring back to the workplace in concurrent sessions and you’ll grow your network while you are there.

June 17, 2014