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I’m a big sports guy. My teams are Oklahoma State (NCAA), Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA), Denver Broncos (NFL), and the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB). With all but the NBA coming to an end these students and professional athletes are going to start thinking about staying healthy and focused during the offseason. University Recruiters are in the same boat.

May 31, 2016


In the same way that many believe that people are intrinsically good, I believe that people intrinsically want to succeed. There are always exceptions to the rule but keeping this at the front of my mind has helped me a ton in my HR career. Most employees want to come to work and do their best, even when it looks like they are floundering. One way we can help them do this is by creating a performance improvement plan to help them along the way.

February 18, 2015

Benefits communication is one of those topics that everyone hates to love…or just hates. There are rules and procedures in place that make being fun with benefits communication almost impossible. Today I attended a session titled, Perception is Reality: Best Practices in Benefits Communication” with Mary Schafer of ADP. For those who are new to benefits you’ll quickly learn that getting people to enroll in different programs can be a challenge, especially with rising costs and uncertainty on how Obamacare is really beneficial for the everyday employee.

June 23, 2014