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Andrew Morton is the Director of Veterans and Certification Affairs at SHRM.

In his role as the Director of Veterans and Certification Affairs at SHRM, Andrew Morton provides strategic leadership and direction for several of SHRM’s veteran, military-family, and disability hiring, retention and engagement programs. Andrew works with stakeholders across the military-service organizations to develop pathways for active-duty, veteran and military-family members to achieve relevant workforce credentials including SHRM’s Certification. Andrew also works with SHRM’s membership, and other partners to deliver resources that empower HR professionals, people managers, and business leaders in their inclusion-hiring, workforce-readiness, and employee-engagement efforts. This work includes SHRM’s initiative in support of second-chance employment through SHRM’s Getting Talent Back to Work initiative. He’s an award-winning speaker, delivering workshops and keynote sessions on the business case for and the business of integrating these highly-skilled talent pools into our workforce.  In 2018, he was the contributing author to fellow-veteran Justin Constantine’s SHRM published book “From We Will to At Will- A Handbook for Veteran Hiring, Transitioning and Thriving in Today’s Workplace.”

Andrew also serves as spokesman for SHRM Certification in support of SHRM’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr. Alex Alonso.  Prior to his current role within SHRM, Andrew spent five years serving as SHRM’s Director of Social Engagement, leading SHRM’s social media program and team. 

Before joining SHRM in 2014, Andrew worked with a leading PR firm managing Fortune 500 brand and advocacy campaigns.  Andrew is a retired Army Infantry-Officer who served in multiple leadership and command positions as well as overseas and combat tours including deployments to Iraq, Bosnia, Macedonia and Egypt. During his 21-year Army career Andrew also served in multiple senior public affairs positions including Chief of Media Outreach for Multi-National Force-Iraq, Chief of Marketing and Advertising for the Army Reserve, and the Director of Digital and Social Media for the Army Reserve.  

Andrew is passionate about efforts to foster awareness and resources in support of mental health and our workplace- across all employees. Most importantly, Andrew serves as “Working-Dad” to his three wonderfully exhaustive kids at their home headquarters in Alexandria, VA.   


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May 11, 2017



“What do you do?” A seemingly innocuous question we ask and are all asked so many times in our adult lives.  At a party, on an airplane, when meeting someone for the first time- it’s the “icebreaker” that helps understand, or perhaps even define each other.  But what’s struck me through the years- particularly since I’ve retired from the military- is what I reveal to and about myself in the answering. 

January 31, 2017

The former- POW’s equally inspiring journey after combat 

In March 2003 our nation’s conscious was fixated on the start of military operations in Iraq.  Tens of thousands of our troops marched to Baghdad and beyond, and one of those Soldiers was Army Private First Class Jessica Lynch.  While many may recall the former POW’s harrowing and inspirational story of courage and commitment, her journey and dedication to service after the military is equally heroic. 

November 11, 2016


Veteran’s Day- A great opportunity to watch some seriously inspirational films.  From John Wayne’s “The Longest Day” to Tom Hanks’ “Saving Private Ryan” these movies inspire generations, and while I certainly have enjoyed those and many others through the years, there’s one particular movie and very specific scene that hits me harder than all the rest- and it takes place in a cereal aisle. 

November 11, 2016
Like many of you- so much of my life’s lessons have been informed by my experience with sports. Intestinal fortitude, teamwork, and humility (a hard and often experienced one) all quickly come to mind. Yet, what struck me yesterday as I watched my oldest son’s soccer game was how a group of 8th grade girls and boys, all playing on the same field is more powerful than any lesson more than 40-years of sports taught me. 
October 7, 2016


A conversation with Richard Fagerlin at the SHRM Leadership Development Forum

September 29, 2016

If you reflect for a moment- you will think of that one person you may know- that someone who inspires you to be your best self.  For me, that person was- and still is- Army 1LT Timothy E. Price. The young man I knew as “Tim” was a remarkable and heroic person long-before his life was cut tragically short serving in Iraq in September of 2004.

May 27, 2016


Dallas…a tough place for any Philadelphia native to visit.  Yet given the mission - and company- I had nothing but excitement as I landed at Dallas Fort Worth last Thursday afternoon.  I love any opportunity to meet, listen to, and share solutions with SHRM’s volunteer army- even if it’s in the heart of Cowboys’ country.  

February 10, 2016

Roughly a quarter of a million veterans transition from military service each year. And while many may presume landing that next job is the most immediate -and essential- step in the process of leaving uniform, there’s a critical precursor to the resume building, job interview and hiring process:  Finding your “Blue Flame.” 

October 26, 2015


June 25, 2015


"Son, paint's the last thing you do when you're painting a house."

My father's words of many years ago as his naive son attempted to dive into a Victorian house reclamation that needed much more than paint. In many ways it was a parable for life- and my first real lesson in social media- a decade before social media even existed.

March 10, 2015


If I could sum up what twenty-plus years of multicultural experience afforded me during my time in the Army I’d say it’s humility- and I think many of my fellow veterans would agree.

October 15, 2014

Memorial Day weekend is many things…To my incredibly wonderful six-year-old, it’s “the time all the things open up that were closed all winter, like the pool.”  Memorial Day is certainly a time for family and friends.  As a veteran, Memorial Day is also a time of personal reflection- a time to remember those who we’ve served with and lost along the way.  I also believe it’s a time to re-dedicate ourselves to a mission- a commitment that honors those sacrifices.   While I no longer serve in uniform, I hope to have the opportunity to support those who do.  And that’s the reason I’m honored to

May 25, 2014