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In 2000, after practicing law at a San Francisco labor and employment boutique, Allison started Employment Practices Specialists. She uses her employment law background, coupled with sound knowledge of human resource practices and a Senior Professional in Human Resources certification, in helping companies both prevent and resolve employment claims.
While a litigator, Allison was responsible for handling federal and state claims, wrongful discharge and work-related tort claims, developing employee handbooks, policies and procedures; and counseling clients concerning all facets of employment practices.
Allison focuses her practice on conducting workplace investigations, delivering one-on-one sensitivity training for managers and employees concerning sexual harassment, discrimination, and diversity awareness issues, coaching managers and employees with disciplinary and/or behavioral problems, providing expert witness and litigation assistance, consulting with HR departments on administrative agency charges and employee handbooks, policies and procedures, and a 24/7 employee complaint hotline.
Additionally, Allison is a sought-after trainer and speaker known for her dynamic presentation style. She specializes in developing and delivering interactive training programs in the US and internationally that address employment law and human resources issues. Also, Allison is a frequent top-rated speaker at local and national events such as the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition where she was ranked as one of the top ten highest rated speakers at the 2012 conference. She also speaks at the HR Star Conferences in Los Angeles and San Francisco where she has been the only presenter to receive perfect evaluation scores, and the Northern California Human Resources Association HR West Annual Conference where she is consistently ranked a top-rated presenter.
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You are investigating a complaint of harassment.  You meet with witness Wally and he tells you the following:

April 23, 2015

The phone rings and before you finish saying “hello,” the chief compliance officer of a Fortune 20 client is quickly relaying to you that an accounting manager has just filed an internal complaint of sexual harassment against the Chief Financial Officer. In addition to the harassment charge (which includes transcripts of voicemails of the CFO making lewd and suggestive comments), the manager also accuses the CFO of filing false expense reports.

April 23, 2015
We learn life lessons throughout our lives. Sometimes the lessons are from our own mistakes, from being inquisitive, and other times we learn from others.  Often, the lessons are unexpected.  I recently watched a video of Sam Bern, an amazing 17 year old young man who suffered from Progeria, an extremely rare disease which causes rapid aging and various other side effects.
May 15, 2014


The news just broke that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hit Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, with a lifetime ban from the sport and a $2.5 million fine due to racist remarks attributed to Sterling.  The investigation was prompt, the action swift and the message being sent is powerful.  One of the big issues that remains is that Sterling has been known in the past for making racists comments – yet the NBA did nothing.  Time will tell what the fallout will be for the NBA.

April 30, 2014