Shilpa Ranganathan, is a Senior Test Lead at Microsoft. She has worked in the unified communications space for nine years and helped ship multiple versions of Microsoft Live Meeting and Microsoft Lync during her career at Microsoft. She is passionate about working on innovative techniques to improve software testing and helping create and ship high quality products. Shilpa has represented Microsoft at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in growing women in STEM.  In addition, she was co-founder of Bytewise organization formed in 2011 by women on the Lync Test team with the purpose of establishing a culture that encourages women in software engineering.  She is part of the women’s committee at Microsoft and is passionate about growing, attracting, and retaining women within the company. She has partnered with MS research on various events and forums that helps reinvent technology for the next generation. In her free time, she wrote a Think Week paper on “Trust and Gender Differences.” Shilpa has a bachelor's and master’s degree in chemical engineering and is presently focused on improving the test process through automation, new testing tools and techniques.


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 Grace Hopper was one of the first computer scientists. Born in 1906, she developed the first compiler, the concept of machine independent programming language, was a US Navy Rear admiral, and left a legacy for women in STEM fields. In 1947, she found a moth in the tubes of a UNIVAC computer, and coined the term “bug.”

October 17, 2013