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Linda Singer co-founded after many years of being a stay-at-home mom dedicated to raising her children.  Having graduated with a Masters in Information Sciences with a focus on Business Administration, Linda wanted to capitalize on her skills while still making her family come first. Linda realized that she was far from alone. She recognized that there is an amazing pool of talent made up of stay-at-home moms and retired professionals. Once Linda saw the need and the possibilities, founding was the logical result.


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Generation Y, those born between approximately 1978 and 2000, currently number 76 million in the U.S workforce today (Financial Post). By 2016 they will be 100 million strong (Genup). This group, also called the millennial generation, are stirring things up in the workforce.

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November 1, 2013

There has been lots of talk lately that companies are increasingly looking to hire older workers. But, which types of employers are actually doing the hiring and what kinds of jobs are they filling?

One way to answer those questions is by taking a close look at AARP’s recently released list of the 50 best employers for workers over 50. They are firms and organizations with programs to help retain, retrain and recruit older workers.

News Updates
November 1, 2013

In a recently article by McKinsey “Help Wanted: The future of work in Advanced Economies” (March 2012), the author mentions 5 trends that are influencing employment levels. One of which is untapped talents; “Advanced economies have growing pools of underused talent: older workers, women, and youth”. This segment of the population, more specifically: Retirees, stay at home moms and university students can fill a much needed void in the economy. They can help companies reduce or fill skill gaps.

August 26, 2013