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Emily Jasper is a strategic relationship manager who has worked in the technology consulting and retail industries. Currently, she provides thought leadership and campaign direction to technology clients at The Starr Conspiracy, a full-service B2B marketing agency in Fort Worth, TX. She also has been writing at her award-winning website From the Gen Y Perspective for over five years. She has been a Forbes.com contributor, SAP Game Changers Radio guest, SXSW virtual panelist, and participant in numerous series on women in business.


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Much like a groundswell where a massive storm can create huge waves and a rise in the sea level, a groundswell among large groups of individuals -- using the power of technology and social media to connect -- can create a major surge in support, approval and enthusiasm to accomplish goals. Companies have started using groundswells to inspire consumers to rally around a cause -- and a brand.  Procter & Gamble successfully created a groundswell around the Secret brand with their “Fearless” campaign.

January 13, 2014

When the Forrester Research on groundswells came out a few years ago, many in the social media business saw an opportunity to have real conversations about advocacy marketing. That conversation was limited to marketers, and only just now are we seeing the groundswell concept reaching talent management.

November 5, 2013

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to participate in the SHRM #NextChat focused on women in business. After answering the questions, I realized that there’s a theme to my answers — flexibility is key.

August 22, 2013
Countless leadership books, training materials, and even blogs tell managers and executives that in addition to providing actionable feedback to employees, they themselves have to be able to take feedback constructively. 
What if the threat of authority makes it too hard for subordinates to actually give feedback up the chain of command, though? 
July 15, 2013
Attracting millennials has turned into a “best places to work” battle. Improving the work environment to increase employee engagement was the first step. Companies are now seeing that an upgraded office space can attract top talent. 
June 19, 2013

Leadership is an important skill in today’s world. I once heard a supply chain executive from Elizabeth Arden tell me he used to always be encouraged when he would receive position applications from young candidates who could clearly articulate their experience and goals.

May 15, 2013