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Since 2006, California law has required all employers of 50 or more who conduct business in the state to provide at least two hours of interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment to all supervisory employees. That training is required at least once every two years and must be conducted by qualified trainers, defined by law and including attorneys who meet specific criteria. New supervisors and new hires in supervisory positions have to be trained within six months of assuming a supervisory position. The content of that training is specified by law.

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December 26, 2014

A recent California Supreme Court decision significantly impacts pay practices for commissioned sales employees. On July 14, 2014, the state Supreme Court ruled in Peabody v. Time Warner Cable Inc. that an employer may not attribute commission wages paid in one pay period to other pay periods in order to meet minimum wage requirements. This decision affects California employees who have been classified as exempt from overtime wages because their earnings exceed one and one-half times the minimum wage and whose commissions account for more than one-half of their compensation.

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August 22, 2014

Many employers ask job applicants to check a "box" on a job application to disclose criminal history information. As of Aug. 13, 2014, San Francisco will "ban the box" for private and public employers. The city's board of supervisors earlier this year passed the Fair Chance Ordinance (FCO), which prohibits employers from inquiring into an applicant's criminal history in an employment application. Employers are also required to consider specific factors when assessing a candidate's criminal history and before taking action based on an applicant's criminal history.

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August 15, 2014
Updated 10/31/2012
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it brought, the following is an all-too timely reminder of pay and benefits issues that HR managers should bear in mind.
Although it is practically impossible to be fully prepared for any natural disaster, it is important for employers to be aware of employment laws that may be implicated in such situations.
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November 7, 2012