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Steve is the Co-Chair of Human Resource Executive Magazine’s HR Technology Conference, the leading global event for the HR Technology Industry, and a Technology Columnist and Editor for LRP Publications.

Additionally, Steve Co-founded H3HR Advisors Inc., and is a frequent author, speaker, and panel moderator on a diverse set of subjects related to Human Resources, HR Technology, and the workplace. He also created and co-hosts the popular podcast the “HR Happy Hour Show”, which is the most downloaded Human Resources podcast since its inception in 2009.

Previously, Steve was a Director of Talent Management Strategy for Oracle Corporation helping to create and deliver the next generation of Human Capital Management solutions. And before that, Steve led HR Systems in a corporate role for diverse industries like telecommunications and higher education.

Steve is also a leading HR and technology blogger and monthly HR technology columnist for Human Resource Executive Magazine. Steve has extensive expertise in Human Capital Management technologies from his experience working in Product Development & Strategy, in corporate HR leadership roles managing internal HR technology platforms and support teams, as a consultant leading project implementation teams, and finally as an HR technology industry influencer and thought leader from his perspective as the Chair of the HR Technology Conference, as a popular blogger, and the co-host of the HR Happy Hour Podcast.

Specific areas where Steve’s HR technology expertise can benefit corporate HR teams include:

  • Review of existing HR technology investments and recommendations for future HR technology strategy
  • Vendor selection process assistance and assessment of HR technology solution providers for your organization
  • HR technology implementation strategy development
  • Design and assessment of internal HR technology support teams
  • HR technology market education and advisory services to ensure organizational strategy alignment with market conditions
His unique perspective developed from experience in every side of the HR technology industry (product development, consulting, management, purchaser, and analyst), provides organizations insights and experience to solve their most pressing HR technology strategy, selection, assessment, implementation, and support needs. 

To learn more about how H3HR Advisors can help your organization navigate the complex world of HR technology, contact Steve at .


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Company Culture, Employer Brand, Employer Value Proposition - there's been much written and spoken about these ideas and concepts in the last few years and for the most part a general acceptance has emerged that organizational leaders need to be very aware of internal culture, and its effects on morale, engagement, productivity and performance.

February 18, 2013

I'd like to call your attention to what is essentially more wood for the fire of the seemingly endless 'Skills gap' debate - a summary of some recent research by two Northeastern University academics, William Dickens and Rand Ghayad, titled 'It's not a skills mismatch: Disaggregate evidence on the US-unemployment-vacancy relationship' posted this past weekend on the Vox site. 

January 15, 2013

I wanted to point out a super piece last week on the Smashing Magazine blog, (a site about and for Web Designers), titled 'The Difference Between Good and Bad Job Requirements', that provides a great look into what technical, (and often hard to find) talent thinks about the typical job descriptions they encounter online.

November 27, 2012

I admit it, I am a total mark for Business Insider.

A superb mix of business, tech, culture, politics, economics, sports, celebrity gossip - all delivered with bludgeon-like ridiculous volume probably running upwards of 100 posts each day.

September 20, 2012

The last dispatch from me from #SHRM12, aka, the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition which wrapped up yesterday from Atlanta.
Aside: which major industry event will be the first one to actually adopt as its 'official' name the event hash tag? It would be kind of cool to see SHRM or some other organization to just drop the tired and formal sounding 'Conference and Exposition' part and just go with #SHRM12 as the event name.

July 16, 2012