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Mason Holloway, Director of Beacon Associate's commercial consulting division - Beacon Performance Group - is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in senior leadership, organizational effectiveness, strategy development, performance improvement, and change management. As co-author of Performance DNA, the leading methodology for analyzing human performance in the workplace, he is a proven thought leader and valuable strategic partner. A "corporate complacency buster," "status quo slayer," and "quantum business thinker," Mr. Holloway is known for the transformation he brings to organizations around the world.

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We (Americans) live in a “take action” culture, a culture of the “yankee work ethic” in which incremental effort and pressing the nose harder to the grindstone supposedly leads to success and rewards. We are also a culture of immediate gratification the “I-want-it-now-quick-fix-diet-pill-plastic-surgery-100% LTV loan” society.

Don’t get me wrong, those traits are to be admired when put to good purpose. They have helped to make us the innovative, industrious, can do leader of the modern world. But they can often (as in a crisis) work against us.

April 20, 2012