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Rocío Belfiore is the Chief Innovation Officer at BairesDev, the world's biggest all-remote company, founded by Argentinians and redefining work the world over.

As Chief Innovation Officer at BairesDev, Rocío is responsible for managing the innovation process inside the organization, identifying strategies, business opportunities, and new technologies.

She taught herself C/C++ at the age of 13 for a programming contest and
started working as a freelance web engineer at 16. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Rocio has been a tech advisor, math & programming contestant, and co-founder of a virtual reality startup. She enjoys hiking, weights training, and exploring new challenges and ideas.

In 2020, Rocío was recognized as “Female Executive of the Year” and “Excellence in Industry Woman of the Year” by the Women World Awards due to her excellent performance and multiple achievements as Chief. Her department’s consistent cooperation along with the conviction of various areas within BairesDev has contributed to becoming the largest and fastest-growing bootstrapped company on the planet.

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