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Dr. Daniel Crosby is an organizational psychologist and President of IncBlot, a consultancy that helps businesses select and develop exceptional talent. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @incblot.

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Much has been made about the ROI of business coaching with most studies returning a 5-to-8 times return on investment, as well as numerous intangible benefits. Additionally, the stocks of companies that spend aggressively on employee development and training outperform those that do not, further evidence for the dollars and cents value of coaching and development.

March 2, 2012

You’re not that great.

Yes, you read that right. Wait a minute, you think, “This must be about that extra 15 pounds I’m carrying around.” Nope. “Well, maybe it’s because I always seem to quit on my New Year’s resolutions in the first two weeks.” Wrong again. “Wait a minute, how does he know that I cut out early sometimes when the boss is away?!” I wish it were that insignificant a problem.

February 20, 2012