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Roxi Bahar Hewertson's no-nonsense, practical, tell-it-like-it-is insights have been featured in publications such as: Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Chief Learning Officer, Training Industry Magazine and many more. She's graced the stages of TEDx and been heard from coast to coast on the television and radio. She served 5 years as adjunct faculty in Cornell's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, where she received her master’s degree.

In her first highly acclaimed book, Lead Like it Matters…Because it Does! (McGraw-Hill 2014), Roxi provided leaders with powerful tools for to achieve great results quickly. Roxi has spent her career being a leader in the real world of work and learning how and why leaders succeed or fail. With a laser focus on developing high performing leaders for over 25 years, she has become a sought after national expert, speaker, and consultant helping executives and managers understand the impact of their actions while building the right leadership skills and cultures that create great organizations and the desired results. 

Roxi's award-winning "Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect," on-line leadership course, moves leaders through four core mastery levels, Personal Mastery, Interpersonal Mastery, Team Mastery, and Culture and Systems Mastery for both individuals and groups of learners.

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When you are a human resource professional or hiring leader, firing right is just as important a part of your job as is hiring right. No one wakes up in the morning looking forward to terminating a staff member’s employment. In fact, people hate it so much they often wait far too long. While firing the right way won’t eliminate all the pain for either party, it will make the conversation much more palatable.

November 5, 2020