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Jesse Abing, Ph.D., is the director of eLearning at the Workplace Initiative by Understood and heads the development and rollout of learning program initiatives that serve Understood’s mission to Shape the World for Difference.™ As a passionate educator, researcher, coach, public speaker, and program innovator, he’s crafted a unique approach to helping organizations target social inequalities and build inclusive cultures. In his previous role as the chief learning officer at Lingo Live, he launched a language and communication coaching program enabling thousands of multinational employees to strengthen their voice and free themselves of limiting beliefs in order to participate more fully and authentically in their workplace.


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The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed workplaces across the United States. Businesses are trying to adapt in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. But there’s definitely no guidebook to navigating a business through this pandemic. So how can your company find the agility it needs to stay relevant?

Disability inclusion = business success

October 20, 2020