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Omar L. Harris is a Former GM (GSK and Allergan) with 20+ years of experience as a global pharmaceutical executive, managing partner at Intent Consulting, a firm dedicated to improving employee experience and organizational performance, and author of "Leader Board: The DNA of High-Performance Teams" and "The Servant Leader's Manifesto." 

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It’s time to eliminate the Boss persona and Boss-like behavior from our politics, businesses, and organizations in 2021. Based on managing teams and enterprises around the world, I understand that this change is much easier said than done. However, employees must stop making excuses for a boss’s toxic behaviors for teams to succeed.

January 29, 2021



Every organization needs its teams to deliver a high level of performance to succeed in today’s business environment. Author Omar L. Harris offers clear guidance on how to hire for, support, and guide high-performance teams. 

What are some tips to hiring employees to fit into high-performing teams? 

August 8, 2019