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The SHRM Special Expertise Panel compiles lists of trends and offers expert insight into a wide array of HR-related topics and trends as a way for SHRM to tap into the cutting-edge insights from the most experienced thought leaders in the HR field with this forward-looking piece of content. Some of the trends in 2009 include the impact of the global recession on business strategy and employees, the continuing importance of work/life balance, the importance of globalization and integrating markets, and continued emphasis on performance management, among others.

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March 16, 2010

Though there are signs of recovery in the global economy, areas of weakness continue, especially in the labor market. HR professionals will be among the first to see signs of life return to the job market and any accompanying increase in turnover. With many disengaged employees staying put rather than risking an uncertain job market, HR professionals in 2010 will be focusing on how to reengage employees and retain the most valuable talent.

News Updates
March 16, 2010