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Monica Giannobile works with Jessica Miller-Merrell on marketing and instructional design for She is also an M.S. Ed. student at Purdue University, where she studies learning design and technology. Drawing on a decade of experience in marketing and communications, she designs experiences that help learners of all ages enrich their lives, explore their interests, and meet their goals. Learn more about her work at or connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.



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A few months ago, at the 2018 ATD Austin Applied Learning Summit, a panelist, Dr. Ryan Schoenbeck, asked the audience whether anyone had heard of Frederic Laloux’s research on Teal organizations. I hadn’t. He went on to make comments that positioned the world of work as so exciting that, by the end of the panel, I wanted to know: What’s a Teal organization?

January 17, 2019