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Katie Stricker is a ICF Certified Executive Coach and the Co-Founder, President and Chief Coaching Officer of Sayge. Katie has worked with senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies and also with technology start-up leaders to navigate the changing world of work, and level-up their leadership to help them thrive in both work and life.

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Like many of you, I’ve witnessed my fair share of employee turnover over the course of my career. Sometimes the departing employee was a manager, worked alongside me or was a member of my team. Although some resignations were a blessing, in most cases, the person was highly valued and greatly missed.

January 8, 2019



I’ve spoken with business leaders over the last few months about their ambitious (and yes, young) employees who tend to expect a promotion after a year (or earlier)! Or more money for simply doing a good job.

November 9, 2018