Li-Ming Pu and Lyra Schramm


Li-Ming Pu

Organizational Development Partner, Google

Li-Ming Pu’s passion is people. Her expertise is building leaders for the world. She brings innovation, formal training and deep global organizational experiences to her work. With over 15 years of leadership in HR, People Development, talent management, change management, executive coaching and leadership development, Li-Ming has created pivotal work from ideas to execution in Fortune 500 companies, across sectors and around the globe. She spent the last 10 years at Google building award-winning programs and coaching leaders to navigate through complex organizational changes, helping to make Google a best place to work. Additionally, she helped scale their business through 20x exponential growth, on the front line of its evolution as a 4,000-person tech company to an 80,000-person worldwide influencer. Prior to Google, Li-Ming began her career as an Analyst on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs and Gap, Inc. where she quickly learned that a key differentiator of success is a focus on people, talent, and organizational health. Li-Ming contributes to the future of HR and gives back to the field through speaking engagements on change management. She enjoys cooking and fitness in her free time.


Lyra Schramm

Lead People Partner, Google

Lyra Schramm has a wealth of global experience at various senior leadership levels in corporate and nonprofit organizations in human capital management, organizational effectiveness, change management, executive coaching, leadership development and talent acquisition.  Her experience ranges from managing integrated HR strategies across Africa, Europe, China, India and the Middle East for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to a global leadership role within People Operations at Google.  She is passionate about transforming organizations by aligning people strategies with business objectives. Lyra lives in Palo Alto California with her husband and daughter and is actively involved in community organizations supporting women and girls.  She  enjoys running in her free time.


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Li-Ming Pu and Lyra Schramm


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At Google, change is constant. But how we managed and messaged change wasn’t always working. So we developed a simple framework to rethink reorgs and it starts by asking “Do we even need this change?”

There is no single way that Google manages internal change, like a reorganization. But we’ve been piloting a new approach that has been used in different parts of the company, impacting thousands of Googlers.

July 12, 2018