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I am a talent and organisational change specialist who loves to play at the intersection of people, technology and organisational change. 

With over two decades of corporate experience in multi-cultural environments, both in MNCs and Indian organisations, I work with a wide network of practitioners around the world. I began my career in sales and marketing before choosing to specialise in leadership, talent, organisation development and change.

I have particularly enjoyed working in the areas of leadership transitions and development, M&A integration, cultural assimilation, succession pipeline building and strengthening the pillars of culture. An abiding interest in the power of storytelling and the Future of Work keep my ears to the ground in helping organisations use technology and establish modern workplace people processes. 

As an executive coach & Organisational change consultant, I work with senior leaders and select organisations across sectors, communities and geographies . To this end I use a myriad weave of tools such as Design Thinking, Process Facilitation, Lego Serious Play, Appreciative Inquiry and such else. Of course, the tools themselves are not as relevant as the business challenges that are surfaced.

An accent on inter-disciplinary approaches to problem solving, deep listening and a curious mind that believes in the power of conversation provide me energy. I speak at various forums & exchange notes with global peers and colleagues regularly. My website 'In Fool Bloom' (www.infoolbloom.com) inspired by themes of experimenting, working out loud, stumbling & remaining perpetually curious for more, holds a few of my thoughts. 

I dabble with social tools. Do check www.about.me/kaviarasu 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaviarasu/ 



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Conferences and events have been crucial to my sense-making of change over the years. I have been attending them as a speaker, delegate, blogger and sponsor! If you are looking for some reasons to attend a virtual conference, here is my experience soaked five.  

July 28, 2020


It was somewhere in 2007-2008 that I read an innocuously titled piece in the Harvard Business Review by Anders Ericsson and two of his colleagues. The piece titled "The Making Of An Expert" would go on to become a key tenet of my work and thought. I still remember sitting by the window and letting the coffee go cold as I gorged on the ideas in the essay. I got to understand expertise and ‘deliberate practice’ better. The latter helped me draw out the basics of working towards my goals. It was life-altering in many ways. 

July 23, 2020


On December 31st, 2018 an interesting article appeared in the New York Times. It was titled “Wielding Rocks and Knives, Arizonans Attack Self-Driving Cars“.  It wasn’t a lazy review of some crazy future book. The fourth industrial revolution is here and our tools seem to be testing us. And some of us are running out of patience. The world is reacting to change. Like in Arizona, people were pelting stones at driverless cars! Including one man who jumped in front of one driverless car and waved a gun at it saying, ‘he despises it’!

March 9, 2019



He drove by with a wave, rolled down the window and asked,”Kavi?” In an inchoate two minutes, I was seated settled in the comfortable car with his words “I’ll get you to the airport. Nice and safe” to soothe me.

July 17, 2018