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Christine Porath is author of Mastering Civility and co-author of The Cost of Bad Behavior. She’s a professor at McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and a consultant working with leading organizations to help them create a thriving workplace. Her speaking and consulting clients include Google, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Pixar, AT&T, Genentech, Department of Labor, Department of the Treasury, and Department of Justice, and various health care organizations and law firms. Christine is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today, and has written articles for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, McKinsey Quarterly, and Washington Post.

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Looking to get ahead in your career? Start by being respectful to your coworkers, says Georgetown University professor and leadership researcher Christine Porath. In this science-backed talk, she shares surprising insights about the costs of rudeness and shows how little acts of respect can boost your professional success -- and your company's bottom line.


November 2, 2018


Do you lift people up or hold them down?

Based on research, Christine Porath shares the costs of incivility and how civility pays. She explains how incivility is a bug—it’s contagious and we become carriers of it just by being around it. Christine reveals the true power of civility and how our little actions matter.

February 24, 2018