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Claire is the Senior Manager of Global Talent Acquisition Operations at Unifrax. Unifrax is a global leader in high-performance specialty fibers and inorganic materials used in high-temperature industrial, automotive, and fire protection applications.

She has built many years of successively diverse HR management experience with privately-owned and publicly-traded global leaders that provide hospitality and food service management, medical devices development, and non-dairy frozen food production. Claire holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in HR from the University at Buffalo and an MBA from Niagara University. She is an active SHRM member and on the Board of Directors for her local SHRM chapter, Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association (BNHRA). When not at work she is a professional development events facilitator at both of her alma maters, on the Disrupt HR Buffalo event planning committee.  

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Although I’m sad I couldn’t see 20,000 of my HR friends in San Diego this year, I’m so glad SHRM is hosting Tune in Tuesdays once a month.

July 15, 2020


Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to support other young professionals on their journeys to learn and grow! I’ve been fortunate on my professional journey, and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others so they can get ahead.

May 11, 2020




I recently started with a new company and when I paused to think about what I learned and what helped me be successful in the first month, here’s what I found:

November 6, 2019



On Wednesday, October 23rd, the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association (BNHRA) hosted their monthly professional development event: Diversity in Hiring. It’s more than policy, it’s best practice.

October 25, 2019

September 26 is #HumanResourceProfessionalDay. 

Every day, HR professionals positively impact the lives of employees in workplaces around the world and contribute to the business strategy that allows their organizations to compete, grow and thrive. 

We asked our bloggers to share their HR stories.


Why did you choose a career in HR and what has been the most rewarding?

September 26, 2019


It was such an honor to hop on a phone call with 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition speaker Barbara and learn more about her and the topics she is passionate about and loves to speak on. The title of one of her mega sessions really spoke to me - “Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm - Creating a Culture of Kindness.”

May 9, 2019




April 8, 2019



One of my favorite things about being on the blogger team for the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is chatting with speakers and vendors to learn more about them and create some pre-conference buzz! Before #SHRM19 in Las Vegas, I have 3 vendor interviews lined up for you!

March 28, 2019


February 28, 2019


All I can say is… 2018 has been my year! Before this year, I had only been to company conferences. Between #SHRM18 and #SHRMlead, my perspective on networking and professional development has completely changed. I’ve been missing out on so much all of these years!

October 9, 2018




September 7, 2018



The day comes where your manager or recruiter says, "I need your help with these phone interviews. Are you ready?"

Yes! Take that next step!

Here's what I prepared to make sure I got the information I needed.

Experience Questions

August 21, 2018



Ghosting can occur in many parts of the candidate/employee lifecycle. Three points in time specifically stand out to me - the applicant, the candidate, and the new hire – where HR partners, recruiters and hiring managers can make some changes to minimize their chances of being ghosted. What is common between all three of these? The importance of timely communication! 

The Applicant 

August 9, 2018



#SHRM18 was my first national SHRM conference, and I cannot thank Mary Kaylor and SHRM enough for making attending possible for me! I had a wonderful time – the blogger lounge, seating area for the keynotes, food (& coffee <3), sessions, book store and expo floor were all top-notch. It exceeded my expectations to see everything so well done and all the details taken care of.

June 25, 2018




June 15, 2018