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Beth Day is a Washington, DC-area freelance writer and When Work Works contributor. A former US Senate press secretary, Ms. Day was a member of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran’s staff for over 12 years. She's had feature articles published in Sosland's Baking & Snack magazine and SNAC International's Snack World magazine. 



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Flexibility to meet the dual demands of work and family life is a necessary component of the 21st Century workplace. October was designated as National Work and Family Month by the U.S. Senate in 2003, highlighting the increasing demands on employees as they try to achieve the effective work-life fit.

October 16, 2018



Savvy HR professionals understand that creating a safe, positive organizational culture is vital for the long-term success of the 21st Century workforce.

October 3, 2018



Workflex Policies that Promote Work-Family Balance

On May 13 this year, families celebrated mothers nationwide. Then on Monday morning, working Moms, representing over a third of working women, went back to their jobs and continue to try and strike that delicate work-life balance in the 21st Century workplace.

May 15, 2018




Apply for the When Work Works Award and Highlight Your Workflex Benefits!


May 7, 2018



We all know making New Year’s resolutions to make healthier lifestyle choices is easy, but sticking to those goals is more difficult. In fact, by February last year, only 58 percent had maintained their resolutions, and only 8 percent typically achieve their goals by year’s end, according to research conducted by Statistic Brain.

February 26, 2018



Severe weather events, like the recent “Bomb Cyclone” along the Eastern seaboard, can negatively impact organizations disrupting productivity and derailing employees’ ability to get to their jobs. However, employers who utilize effective workflex practices can help alleviate many of the problems and stresses caused by weather emergencies.

January 29, 2018



When Work Works Winners Get Creative with Time-Off and Teambuilding 


January 10, 2018



Each year Veterans’ Day affords Americans the opportunity to pay our respects to all who have served our country honorably during war and peacetime. What better way to honor veterans and their families than by helping them transition into the 21st Century civilian workforce and find jobs that are meaningful, provide security, and allow them to contribute their unique skills and experiences.

November 10, 2017



Balancing work and family responsibilities has become increasingly difficult in the modern workplace, as advanced technology, economic concerns and societal pressures make it hard for people to keep job and home separate. October was designated as National Work and Family Month by the U.S. Senate in 2003. This month is a good time for HR professionals to reflect and consider innovation with programs to help reconcile work-life issues.

October 2, 2017