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Michelle Clark is Senior Vice President, Health & Performance for HUB International.  She leads a team focused on helping employees be their healthiest selves to be happy, healthy and productive individuals.


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Something I see with alarming frequency, and I know HR leaders like you do, too, is how financial stress seems to be taking over many of our employees’ lives.

February 25, 2019




Every generation of worker is struggling with various financial stressors.  It’s the top cause of lost productivity.  As an HR leader, you want to help find ways to help alleviate the pressure.

Employers are starting to realize that providing their people with a fair and regular paycheck and 401(k) just isn’t good enough to ensure their financial health. And it is their problem.

August 10, 2017



The majority of HR professionals give their employees a financial health rating of “fair” and nearly 20 percent report that their employees are “not at all” financially literate according to a national SHRM survey.

June 16, 2017