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 Dominique Rodgers is an HR professional and writer in Portland, Oregon. You can find her on Twitter @hrgalfriday.

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Attention employers: According to surveys, a financial wellness program is the number one additional benefit employees want. Not many employees feel financially confident and they crave guidance. You know who’s especially in the dark? Young employees.

June 12, 2018



Pop quiz: Your company just expanded its oil business to West Africa, specifically Mauritania. You need to send a geologist to do testing. The area will be remote, the worker will be isolated with a very small local team and conditions will be harsh. Do you send the brilliant gay guy or the genius lady with the chronic heart condition?

May 3, 2018

I like to think that I’m basically a good person; but then I think about what I’d do in a zombie apocalypse, and I realize I’m actually horrible and selfish. How do I know this? The first thing I’d do if I was scratched by a zombie is scratch my friends and a select few family members. I’m not going through that alone!

June 12, 2017