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James Cross is director of learning product strategy at Workday, and is responsible for the vision, strategy, and roadmap of Workday Learning.

Prior to Workday, James spent a decade focused on the intersection of learning and technology. He was director of education at MediaCore, acquired by Workday in 2015. Before MediaCore, James worked for Civica, a large EMEA cloud software company. Earlier in his career James was a high school teacher, and was recognized by Apple in 2008 as a global leader in mobile and online learning innovation. He is on the board of the annual SXSW learning technology startup competition.

James holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Sheffield University and is a certified teacher. He is an experienced speaker and writer, having published a book and contributed to a number of industry publications.



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Learning management systems—the wet blanket of our working lives. They often stifle the real-world buzz and excitement that should be associated with learning. The majority of today’s learning management systems (LMSs) are transactional, back-end, compliance-driven platforms that people visit only when required by HR.

September 5, 2016