April 2023

The relationship between HR and administrative staff is vital to the success of an organization. While HR is responsible for managing and developing a company's workforce, administrative staff members play a critical role in supporting HR processes and functions. They are the backbone of the organization - for example, handling day-to-day tasks such as managing employee records, scheduling interviews, and maintaining compliance with labor laws and regulations.

April 11, 2023

I am outnumbered in my house by independent and strong women (my two red-headed daughters, my oddly always-right wife, and our mini golden doodle Clover). I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been mentored by a barrier-breaking female in my early career 25-plus years ago. Looking back, this has truly been my life’s greatest professional blessing and the source of a lesson that has served me well throughout my career. Never be afraid to shut up and listen. And this post is one of those times.

April 6, 2023

The Chicago City Council has implemented new employer regulations requiring training to employees and supervisors on sexual harassment prevention and how bystanders should respond to sexual harassment.

The new ordinance also moves sections of the Human Rights Ordinance from Chapter 2-160 ("Human Rights") of the Municipal Code to Article 6 ("Worker Protections") and substantially revised former section 2-160-040 ("Sexual Harassment"), which is now part of section 6-10-040.

April 6, 2023