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National Volunteer Week Volunteer Highlight: Becky Golden

Volunteer’s Name: Becky Golden, SHRM-SCP
Volunteer Role: Past State Council Director, SHRM Nebraska State Council

As many of the membership team, in my prior life as an HR practitioner I was also volunteer leader for SHRM.  I’ve met many wonderful people throughout that timeframe, but one that rises to the top of the list is Becky Golden, SHRM-SCP. 

Becky is one of SHRM’s long-term, do-what-it-takes volunteers.  Throughout her volunteer career, she has served in many roles.  Currently she is the past state council director for the SHRM Nebraska State...


SHRM Volunteers—Visible and Leading

On behalf of SHRM, and in honor of National Volunteer Week, I want to express my gratitude to you, our generous Volunteer Leaders all over the country.

Year-round, at conferences, chapter meetings, learning events and even on Capitol Hill, our thousands of SHRM volunteers give their time and indispensable talents to ensure that our profession is visible and leading, as we enhance opportunities for HR professionals. We at SHRM recognize that you continue to volunteer, year after year, in various roles, at a time when your HR jobs with...


Working Without Fear

Molly Fletcher knows a thing or two about being a game changer. She spent two decades as one of the world's few female sports agents, working with hundreds of athletes, coaches and media personalities, before founding her own company in 2010. An athlete herself, she played varsity tennis at Michigan State University, where her experience instilled in her many habits that have kept her at the top of her game: discipline, resiliency, passion and teamwork.

"There are so many parallels between the challenges and lessons I learned in the...


Killing Anxiety at Work

“There is anxiety, but it comes after you’ve finished filming because it’s out of your hands; people are editing it, they’re cutting it, marketing it. And it’s… part your career sort of rides on that. But when you’re actually filming it’s a team thing and it really feels good there for me.” ~Hugh Jackman

This quote by Hugh Jackman caught my eye.  Maybe because it mentions anxiety right from the start and I’m feeling anxious lately.  Maybe because he’s talking about the process of work and creation.  I’d like to think it...


The Way Forward on Migration – April 20, 2017


Hire [fill in the blank] First

Last week, nearly 1500 economists sent an open letter to President Trump and Congressional leaders extolling “the broad economic benefit that immigrants to this country bring”  and urging them to modernize the system – something CFGI has been advocating for over two decades. 

This week, President Trump issued an Executive Order entitled Buy American and Hire American, directing the agencies that “ in order to create higher wages and employment rates for workers in the United States, and to protect their economic...


People, Not Projects

In between games of the NBA playoffs this weekend and as I was digging through a couple of weeks of 'saved' items in my Feed reader, (anyone still using feed readers?), I came across a link to a Quora thread aiming to address the question 'What made Xerox PARC, (the legendary reseearch shop in Palo Alto), so special?'

One of the responses, from Alan Kay, offered eight reasons why PARC (and the earlier ARPA) were so effective, and in reading Kay's observations, I thought the first...


10 Things Your Employees Should Know About Social Security



Social Security is with you throughout life’s journey. Yet, most people don’t know about Social Security’s 80-plus-year legacy or all we have to offer. National Social Security Month is the perfect time to talk to your employees about some of the ways we help secure today and tomorrow.

1.     Social Security provides an inflation-protected benefit that lasts a lifetime. Social Security benefits are based on how long your employees have worked, how much they’ve earned, and when they start receiving benefits.

2.     Social Security touches the lives of nearly...


Dare to Be “Unethically Moral”- When Necessary

All of us have seen it by now- or at least it seems that way.  The infamous smart phone video of a not-so-willing volunteer forcibly removed from the United Airlines flight due to what many employees have now described as a “rules-based culture” gone overboard.  The rules in this case called for specific protocols that frankly did not make sense.   Many of us may readily declare that something this shocking would never happen in our organizations.  But ask yourself- is your organization’s culture that immune to set of ethics that may fly...


3 Things I’m Looking Forward to at the SHRM Talent Management Conference #SHRMTalent


In less than a week, I’ll be immersed with several hundred of my human resources & talent colleagues at the 2017 SHRM Talent Management Conference and Expo, here in my home city of Chicago.  I’m excited about the opportunity to attend, not only because it’s local and an easy trip to get there!  But, because this will be my first ever SHRM conference I’ll be attending.  That said, here’s 3 things I’m most looking forward to.

  1. Learning about the development and importance of digital in the workplace.   

From emerging...