AGEISM: Best Practices to Confront Age Bias & Leverage Generational Diversity - Q & A with Sonia Aranza #Inclusion2020

SHRM's Inclusion 2020 Conference is October 19-21 and will feature several amazing presenters including Sonia Aranza who will present AGEISM: Best Practices to Confront Age Bias & Leverage Generational Diversity.

The U.S. Department of Labor describes Sonia Aranza’s work as “Outstanding!” She is an accomplished 25-year veteran in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion serving Top Fortune 500 companies and organizations including Boeing, CIA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, NASA, Oshkosh Corporation, Sandals Resorts, U.S. Air Force, Walmart and more. She was selected to execute congressionally mandated Diversity &...


How to Build the Talent Pipeline for Women of Color - Q & A with Chelsea Williams #Inclusion2020

SHRM's Inclusion 2020 Conference is October 19-21 and will feature several amazing presenters including Chelsea C. Williams who will deliver the live session How to Build the Talent Pipeline for Women of Color.  

Chelsea C. Williams is a national talent strategist & speaker and the proud Founder & CEO of College Code. With 75 percent of the workforce expected to encompass Millennials and GenZ by 2025, College Code supports the development & retention of diverse students & early career talent. Since...


The Struggle Is Real! When Race Makes You the Designated Expert (Whether You Really Are or Not) - Q & A with Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D. #Inclusion2020

SHRM's Inclusion 2020 Conference is October 19-21 and will feature several amazing presenters including Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D., President, KTownsend Consulting who will deliver the live session The Struggle Is Real! When Race Makes You the Designated Expert (Whether You Really Are or Not). 

Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D. is the president of KTownsend Consulting—an award-winning organizational development firm offering expertise in leadership development and 21st Century diversity. Dr. Karen works with leaders to create inclusive environments...


The New Rules of Inclusion with #Inclusion2020 Speaker Michelle Silverthorn

In this Q & A video, SHRM #Inclusion2020 speaker Michelle Silverthorn shares more about her upcoming session along with her thoughts on the biggest challenge faced by organizations in creating more inclusive cultures and what they can do to change the conversation and encourage cultures where everyone feels they belong.


Disability Inclusion: Free Professional Development Certificate for HR Professionals



The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed workplaces across the United States. Businesses are trying to adapt in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. But there’s definitely no guidebook to navigating a business through this pandemic. So how can your company find the agility it needs to stay relevant?

Disability inclusion = business success

A strong disability inclusion program can help. At its heart, disability inclusion is about flexibility. It’s about removing the barriers to success for all of your employees. And with more change likely on the horizon,...


This One Factor is Reducing Your Diversity Hiring by 30%



Employers discriminate in hiring. This is a fact. It’s been a fact for generations. It’s the main reason anti-discrimination statements show up on job postings. That and it’s the law for Public employers and Government contractors who are required to have these statements. Many private employers use these as well to show they don’t discriminate in hiring.

For fifty years we’ve seen these statements on job descriptions and job advertisements. Recently, two Economists from the University of Chicago did a study[1] looking at the impact of candidate behavior when these statements are...


“Well, You’re Kind of Getting Up There in Years..."




If I’m taking the plaintiff’s deposition, and I hear these words escape his lips when describing the termination meeting with this supervisor, well, I’m not sure how I would go about maintaining my poker face.

It’s a case about a 60-year-old man who his employer fired after working for the company for more than four decades. The plaintiff-employee started with the defendant-employer at age 18. Over the course of his 41-year career, the defendant promoted him several times, all the way up to Area Manager, a position that he...


My Lifelong Learning Journey An Unquenchable Thirst | Part 3 of a 3-Part Series


This is a 3-part series, read The Lighting of the Fire and Why It's Not a One-Size "Fits Most" for the full story.

As I reflect on my own career story, I feel fortunate.

Fortunate for the mentors I’ve had.

Fortunate for the pushes and pulls I’ve had.

Fortunate for the opportunities it provided to shape the way I view the world today.

As previously mentioned, I did not pursue a college degree. In fact, I didn’t even apply. I got straight...


I Know Helicopter Parents...But Helicopter Managers?



You may have heard of the term helicopter parents but have you heard of helicopter managers? Until recently, I have not and now that I have, I am wondering if there is something we can learn.

During a recent conversation with a colleague, the topic “helicopter parent” came up and as we were discussing its effectiveness, the lack of, the conversation shifted to how some managers may be using helicopters to drive...


#Nextchat RECAP: COVID-19 and Compliance in the Workplace

On October 14, @SHRM chatted with SHRM HR Knowledge Center Director Amber Clayton (@SHRMAClayton) and Janell M. Stanton, Esq., from Wagner, Falconer & Judd Ltd. (@JanellStanton16) about how employers can avoid legal and compliance problems in the workplace—especially those issues associated with COVID-19. If you missed this excellent chat filled with helpful information for HR, you can read all the tweets below.

Learn more about SHRM's new Navigating HR Compliance through the Employee Lifecycle course that focuses on the importance of using compliance to build and sustain a strong company culture, too!