Now More Than Ever... Introducing your #SHRM21 Influencers


Now more than ever...HR professionals are shaping the world of work. Over 200 concurrent sessions will provide a complete education for HR professionals at every stage of their career. Based on the SHRM Competency Model, these sessions will delve into the cutting-edge trends that will impact your workplace.

Thousands of attendees will expand their worlds as they travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, or attending virtually, September 9-12 for SHRM21 -- and SHRM Influencers are sure to be a big part of the experience. 

We are honored to officially announce the #SHRM21Influencers, all of whom truly represent this year’s conference theme, Now More Than...


#SHRM21 Leaving Las Vegas…Hello NOLA

After a long, long, LONG wait I was fortunate to attend another SHRM Annual Conference in Las Vegas. It had been over 800 days since the previous conference (SHRM 19), and it was incredible to finally attend a live conference in the newly opened, state-of-the-art West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As I reflected and quite honestly, recovered from the conference, several words and key takeaways came to mind that I wanted to share. Excitement. Enrichment. Encouragement. Engagement. Exhaustion.

This was my third SHRM Annual Conference and my second...


Twenty-One Ways For HR To Create Meaningful Change After #SHRM21

How can HR professionals keep the momentum going after an amazing annual SHRM conference?

We asked HR professionals and exhibitors to share their best steps for HR to take back in their workplace. From harnessing storytelling to expanding the process of vetting candidates, there are identifiable next steps to take. 



#SHRM21 Reflections

"The future is always beginning now" - Mark Strand

The above quote compliments SHRM21 theme "Now More Than Ever," with the pandemic ravaging the world, businesses are striving to rebound. HR has a unique role in making a difference Now, More Than Ever.

The long-awaited SHRM21 has concluded; I said long-awaited because, after SHRM19 at Las Vegas, we waited for 27 months. Unfortunately, as you well know, the pandemic situation forced SHRM to cancel SHRM20 in San Diego and reschedule the SHRM21at Chicago to Vegas again in September. The SHRM21 offered everything for every level of HR practitioners providing content...


Mental Health in a Pandemic

Over the past year, I have received calls from many HR professionals who have experienced an increase in managers seeking assistance with mental health challenges among their staff. Employees are sometimes disconnected and disengaged, having unexpected verbal outbursts and being aggressive. 

The impact of the pandemic on mental health has been tremendous to include an increase in depression, bipolar disorder episodes, anxiety behaviors and other mental health issues. According to a recent survey from SHRM, “Nearly half (48 percent) of employed Americans report feeling mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the workday.” Work exhaustion coupled with demands at...


Nine HR Technology Trends Emerging From The Pandemic

What is one HR technology trend emerging from the pandemic that HR professionals should prepare for?

To help HR professionals identify the right tools in their technology stacks, we asked technology experts and SHRM21 exhibitors this question for their best tech trends. From the automation of screening to the adoption of employee recognition software,...


Eleven Labor Market Trends HR Professionals Should Prepare For

What is one labor market trend that we're experiencing now, or is about to unfold?

To help organizations stay ahead of labor market trends, we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their best predictions. From the continued expansion of remote work to early Baby Boomer retirements, there are several labor market...


Twelve Tips To Effectively Onboard, Train, & Develop Employees In Remote Workplaces

How can HR effectively onboard, train, and develop employees in remote workplaces? 

To help organizations effectively set new hires up for success, we asked HR professionals and business leaders for their best onboarding and training pieces of advice. From establishing communication touch points to developing an in-house university, there are a wide range of...


Ten Ways Employers Can Build Trust in Remote Work Environments

What is one way companies can help build trust in remote work environments?

To help organizations build a trusting work environment, we asked HR influencers and thought leaders this question for their best tips. From setting clear expectations to addressing manager biases involving remote work, there are several steps that employers can take to improve their workplace cultures. 

Here are ten ways to build trust in remote work environments: 

  • Set clear expectations from the beginning
  • Place Value in Employee Wellbeing
  • ...

Eleven Talent Acquisition Trends To Hire Passive Talent

What is one talent acquisition trend that HR should prepare for in the year ahead, and why?

To help organizations stay ahead of labor market trends, we asked HR professionals and business leaders this question for their best predictions. From a wave of new tech offerings for TA professionals to employers being challenged by...