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Upping Our Game

This summer SHRM celebrated a record-breaking 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago. It was my first as CEO, and I was blown away by the huge attendance, the more than 700 exhibitors, the hundreds of packed concurrent sessions and our fantastic keynoters. 

What impressed me most, however, was watching 22,000-plus members and friends of the HR profession come together to show the world the true impact and value of our work.



Recruitment Marketing - Content is still King and Your Employees are still your Best Recruiters #HRTechConf



Last week I had the great fortune to attend the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Exposition as a member of the HR Tech Insiders blogger team. As the unemployment rate in the U.S. currently sits at 3.9 percent, I decided to attend the session “Real-Life Recruitment Marketing: A Guide to Attracting Great Talent,” presented by Tim Sackett and Shaunda Zilich, to learn the secrets of building a competitive edge in a tight...


Who is Responsible for Your Career?


I was reading an article that appeared in an online newspaper called Vox. The article, I spoke to hundreds of American men who still can’t find work, written by Andrew L. Yarrow, took the tack that many men are unemployed because of “society.” As I read the article example after example talked about men who had made bad decisions in their lives and were making little attempt to alter those decisions.

Who is responsible?

The answer to the question in the title is given by...


Is Your Health at Risk From Your Work Culture?


In a time when well-being discussions are on the lips of a growing number of business leaders, there are also more mentions of the negative impact of the faster pace of the workplace on employees.  I addressed part of this when I wrote about avoiding burnout at work, and today I’m thinking about a different impact that comes from the unrealistic expectations of many organizations’ executives.   It is the realization that even if organizational leaders are thinking about well-being, what they really mean is addressing it in terms of medical, financial or other benefits.  I think the root problem...


Opioid Epidemic Office Readiness #HcSimWeek18 and #PainAwarenessMonth



Many of us have read through FMLA paperwork describing things we can do to assist our employees with acute or chronic pain. These instructions may ask us to pad the floor by their desks or give extended breaks to allow employees to rest their impacted area(s) of pain.

One area that we often neglect is a discussion of how the pain is being managed. Is this employee taking powerful drugs that may sedate them? Are these drugs addictive? What could happen...


#Nextchat: Motivation-Based Hiring




The candidate seemed to have it all: a great resume, the perfect skills and confident responses to all of your interview questions. You had a good feeling about this one. Finally, a high performer, that terrific hire who undoubtedly would produce extraordinary results. But that was not how it turned out, was it?  Here’s a little secret: Before you can hire a high-performer, you must correctly identify a high-performer. And, to identify a high-performer, you must ask effective interview...


HBCUs: Supporting Investments; Strengthening Competitiveness


As the world’s largest HR professional association, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), believes there is clearly a nexus between U.S. education policy and the workplace. In principle, SHRM supports better alignment between education and employment—the “two Es” as we call it.

SHRM President and CEO, Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., and Chairman of the President’s Board of Advisors of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, attended the first day of the 2018 National Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Conference this week in Washington DC. The 2018 conference theme is HBCU Competitiveness: Aligning Institutional Missions with America’s Priorities...


The Life Raft Test: The Importance of Diverse Work Styles



When you have the opportunity to add a new member to your team, there are lots of ways to go about making your selection. Beyond screening for the proper experience and skills, many selection methods involve some element of testing for fit. Is their working style the right one for the role? Is their personality a fit for the culture? Or, employing the infamous airport test, would you enjoy yourself if you were stuck in an airport together? 

Selecting team members this way can create teams who work together smoothly, because...


When Taking Care of Dad Affects Job Performance



Q: My elderly father is in poor health and has recently come to live with us. We are empty nesters and both still work full time.

Even though we’ve hired someone to come two hours a day to check on him, at work I’m always either stressed out with worry or at least preoccupied with his wellbeing. So, my productivity is suffering a bit but I’ve managed to cover it by postponing deadlines and delegating work. I know eventually I’ll have to let them know but what’s the way to...


Is There A Final Answer on Employee Engagement?




These last few weeks have hosted spirited conversations around Employee Engagement. The stars aligned, articles appeared and SHRM #Nextchat hosted the HR Bartender - Sharyln Lauby who also offered suggestions.

I know two things, one-size does not fit most and it is best to frequently re-ask and listen how to best stay engaged with our teams.  As the HR culture keepers, we do not want the spark to be lost with our employees.

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