Does Your Workplace Keep Employees in a Box?




Humans have one unique ability that sets us apart from machines and animals: The ability to imagine and create. But has your workforce been given the opportunity to be human? Are you providing employees the space to achieve their full potential?

Or worse, is your workplace actually working against them?

Across the globe, organizations are competing fiercely for talent, and a big part of that effort is retaining the talent they have. But at this moment, it’s likely that a large portion of your workforce is ready to jump ship...


Live Blog Ask an Advisor Chat: Preparing for the FLSA Exempt Salary Changes


Developing the Mindset for Inclusive Leadership


Efforts to reduce workplace bias and inclusion have become widespread, yet the demographics of leadership positions at most organizations remain unchanged. 

Research demonstrates that organizations with diverse representation and inclusive practices perform better. Last year The Wall Street Journal analyzed companies in the S&P 500 and reported that the 20 most diverse companies not only have better-operating results on average than the lowest-scoring firms, but their shares generally outperform those of the least diverse firms. Yet the understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion is not translating into inclusive company cultures or...


The Power and Energy of Empathy

Empathy is a platform for relationship, not encouragement to wallow in slime pits.

Solid relationships strengthen people.

Strong people perform better than weak.

Remind people of their strength by asking about past success.

The power of empathy:

The purpose of empathy is to strengthen people, not affirm weakness.

People feel stronger when they feel understood. Telling someone, “That must be...


Reports are Not Data Analytics


Reports are not data analytics. Reports are snapshots of data gathered into informational summaries. A good example of a report is a turnover report. Seeing turnover rates across locations, departments, etc., brings to our attention overall trends and may point to an issue in need of closer attention.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, while 67 percent of CEOs receive reports on basic HR metrics, only 24 percent are briefed on analytics that connect people metrics to business metrics. Ultimately, there is still a disconnect between strategically significant HR activities...


Analytics and the Too-Oft Handoff #SHRMPeopleAnalytics

Retention and data. It’s a very linear relationship. The data is asked for, usually annually, by leadership so they can plan accordingly for gaps, re-training and scaling considerations. Human resources provides the data, often, and for too many HR departments, that’s it. We give the data and then exhale because our part is done. Truth be told, we might like that the tabulation of attrition is all we have to do. We don’t want more.

Now, I know. Some reading this will be a bit miffed at this assessment, but understand I...


Changes to Workplace Law for 2020


Welcome to 2020. There are several new laws taking effect this year. We’ve compiled many of these changes so you can learn more about these new laws and their impact on your workplace. We will go into more detail at Advocacy@Work this spring and instruct you on using your voice to make a difference on policies such as these that impact you, your employer and the employees you serve. Additionally, next Wednesday, you can join our team for a webinar on the public policy outlook for California in 2020.

Overtime Rule

In September of 2019, DOL issued a...


3 Things You MUST Communicate to New Hires the First Day



Picture this: Your newest employee has just wrapped up Day 1 on the job. He returns home to his family, who asks him, “Well, how was it?”.

Considering your current onboarding processes, how might this new employee respond? Was he impressed and excited? Or, did he feel confused or bored the entire day?

According to Gallup, only 10 percent of employees strongly agree that their company does a good job onboarding. This means we’re making a lot of mistakes, especially on the first day.

New employees are often made to feel...


Data, Data Everywhere, but Not a Drop to… #SHRMPeopleAnalytics



The desire for data analysis and application is high amongst HR professionals. At SHRM’s first People Analytics Conference, the conversation amongst attendees has to do with this. We know that data is vital; we know that data can direct the actions and intentions of an organization. Data is gold, we believe.

Yet, what HR finds themselves stuck in is a small handful of report generation tasks. This is not data analytics and strategy. Information systems may house relevant data, but that does not mean we know what to do...