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The Value of SHRM Membership



What is the value of a SHRM membership? Why should someone become a member? Even more, why should anyone maintain their membership?

I have just completed my first month overseeing membership at SHRM, and it has been amazing—even a little eye-opening! I spent the better part of my career in government relations, advocating for smart workplace policies alongside HR professionals like you. And now, as the new head of membership, I have spent these last 30 days really digging into what...


The 12 Office Mishaps of Christmas



The office holiday party season is officially upon us and there is still plenty of time to spread some of that pent-up cheer you’ve been holding in all year long! This means festive gatherings, decorated cubes, and plenty of workplace cheer. However, that cheer can sometimes get the better of us. Here are 12 of those common office party mishaps we’ve all either witnessed or been guilty of ourselves!   

The Winter Wonder Cube – I’m all for showing your festive side, but there is a point when your cube...


#ClaireShares - Things to Think About When You're New to Recruiting




When I first started off recruiting, I thought I just… recruited! I learned about the process in school, so it'll be easy right? Post a job, reach out to the candidates who respond, interview them, etc.

Recruiting in the current age of low unemployment and a skilled trades shortage is tough! I started to wonder about and research the elements involved with our recruitment process.

1. Post the job. (Assuming the internal mobility/succession plan...


#Nextchat RECAP: Award-Winning Workflex

On December 12, @shrmnextchat chatted with HR professional Osasu Arigbe (@OsasuArigbe). SHRM’s senior advisor for member advocacy and workplace flexibility, Cassidy Solis (@WhenWorkWorks) about Award-Winning Workflex. 

If you missed this excellent chat filled with great tips for developing an award-winning workflex program at your organization, you can read all the tweets here




Making Ethics Work: A Learning Framework for Maximizing the Impact of Ethics Education



The increasing influence of technology and artificial intelligence across every industry showcases the importance of ethical behavior in the workplace, and investment in ethics education is rapidly growing.

From Salesforce’s recent hiring of Paula Goldman as their Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer to Stanford’s Ethics, Society, and Technology initiatives and programs, organizations and universities are pioneering new ways to integrate ethically sound approaches for building the next generation of products and services. These explorations are also reinvigorating age-old questions,...


Vulnerability is a Barrier to Employee Engagement


When you start to understand work as a relationship, it starts to raise some interesting questions that you may not have asked before. For example, how does our comfort with being vulnerable impact how willing or able we are to “engage?”

When I reflect on the relationships in my life and all of the stories I’ve heard from friends about their own relationships, a common barrier I notice to a healthy relationship is the fear of getting hurt.

People can be...


Keeping Your Career On Track: Get Rid of the Moles




From time to time, I receive emails and messages from people asking how to deal with workplace situations.  Over the last couple months, a theme is emerging around colleagues who try to derail your career and how to respond.

This reminded me of a few years ago, before I moved, when I had moles in my yard.  Well, maybe one highly-motivated mole.  At any rate, when I stepped outside to walk my dog, I noticed that my entire flowerbed had pockets of earth pushed up.  As I walked around,...


Bold Purpose on the Global Stage


Bold Purpose.  But Audacieux.  Proposito Audaz.  Algharad Jaree’.

However you say it, over the past year SHRM has been speaking out around the world on all things work.  Before the year ends, our work on immigration and the skills gap will culminate at four international events.  As our Head of Global Outreach and Operations, I have the privilege of travelling abroad on SHRM’s behalf, but it’s our collective work that shapes the opinions of the world’s leaders.  Let me share how.

You may have seen that the G20 Heads of State met last week in Buenos Aires. ...


Be the Spark



Last month, we celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA. Somehow, the fourth Thursday in November reminds us to pause and reflect on the goodness and gifts we have in our lives.

On the lone Wednesday before that simple Thursday, we had some time to share thoughts with HR professionals about the place for gratitude at work. Within #Nextchat, we explored how to cultivate and celebrate a culture of appreciation at work.

Many ideas and traditions were shared. A common theme was a sincere thank you and an appreciation...


Let’s Fight the Skills Gap by Expanding Tax-free Education Assistance


Today’s college graduates are starting their careers with an average of almost $40,000 in student debt. That data point surely shapes students’ and families' decisions on where to go to college, what to study and whether higher education is even worth it.

That’s bad news for employers, who have never had to work harder to close workforce skills gaps. With unemployment at its lowest point in almost 50 years, the hunt to attract and keep talent has never been more intense. Meanwhile, 44 million Americans—most of them employed...