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#SHRM17 Report- Technology and Background Checks: An Interview with First Advantage


This year at #SHRM17 I was focusing more on future views and technology such at Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what companies were doing to incorporate these advances in technology. Last year at #SHRM16 I interviewed Michael Pilnick of First Advantage. In that interview I had asked Pilnick what he saw as the challenges his industry and his company saw over the next five year. He said he saw three challenges. The first challenge was more regulation and compliance. Secondly, changes in technology that will increase the ease of use, especially through mobile,...


#SHRM17 Recap, 2018 Events, And A Little Me Time



I did two presentations, as well as blogged this year at #SHRM17 in New Orleans. I pushed myself harder than any other year at “the biggest HR conference in the world!”. But I also had some me time, including 18 holes of golf at a local course on Monday. No, I didn’t break 100 and the remainder of my group did (83,85 and 89 to my lagging 104), you also know there is always a silver lining. We played the back tees (longest distance) in 96-degree heat and I par’ d...


The Unending “War for Talent”

There’s a popular saying in some HR circles today: “The ‘war for talent’ is over—and talent won.” 

We have seen this so-called war wax and wane with economic cycles, evolve with new technology, and intensify under globalization. It should now be clear to everyone that, whether we’re in good economic times or bad, in a period of stability or disruption, the skills shortage is an ever-present challenge. 

Hard-to-find talent and hard-to-fill jobs define the new world of work. To me, it is no longer a “war” to find...


Investing in Workers Keeps Them Invested in Your Firm



What motivates workers to seek a new job and what makes them want to stay? The answer is deceptively simple. Workers want companies to provide them with fair compensation and benefits, workplace perks and development opportunities that help advance their careers.  In other words, invest in your employees and they will be invested in your firm.

A recent study by Indeed explored the views of U.S. workers across industries on job tenure, job change decisions and perceptions about career success. While average job tenure is relatively long (nearly six years)...


“All In” for a Better, Stronger Workplace - #SHRM17


“All In” was the theme for the 2017 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference and Expo, which wrapped up last week.  A theme that could be interpreted in a multitude of ways, it was certainly pervasive throughout the week with attendees often being asked and challenged, “what are you all in for?” So of course, I had to ask myself the same question, what am I all in for in the wake of SHRM17?  My answer is simple: Better, Stronger Workplaces.

Most of the themes and key messages I focused...


If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When? Kat Cole @ #SHRM17

I’m writing a series of three short blogs that touch on the key points that I encountered in New Orleans while attending the SHRM 2017 Conference and Exposition. 

I’m going to start with the Sunday keynote, Kat Cole.  I’m a fan boy of this amazing business leader who I’ve known for a few years and have seen her speak nine previous times.

Cole is the group president of FOCUS Brands, the franchisor and operator of Cinnabon, Carvel, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, Schlotzsky’s, Moe’s...


#Nextchat: HR on Purpose !!



“Steve Browne is geeked. Those who follow the HR leader and blogger on Twitter will know exactly what that means. Even if you don’t, these three excerpts from Browne’s new book, HR on Purpose!! (Society for Human Resource Management, 2017), will make it pretty clear: He’s excited—about people, human resources, and the future of business and the HR profession.” ~Editors, HR Magazine

What does it mean to practice “HR on Purpose”? 

HR on Purpose is a new approach to HR. It’s about throwing out the conventional attitudes of what...


Stay in Touch #SHRM17


It never feels like enough time at national conference.

Every one is back home by now and getting in their usual work routine again (after a 12 and a half hour crash to recharge our introverted batteries-just me?). We are all catching up on what we missed while we were in NOLA and cranking out our "final thoughts" on #SHRM17 while asking ourselves how did it come and go so quickly? This was my fifth annual conference and it may have been the best one yet. 

Every year the Smart Stage...


Emerging Challenges in Global Talent Mobility

The following article is a summary of the CFGI 2017 Symposium session titled “Emerging Challenges and Strategies for Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention of Foreign Nationals in 2017.” Scott Fitzgerald of Fragomen Worldwide, Justin Storch of CFGI, and Allyson Gonzalez of AT&T addressed the challenges of hiring qualified applicants in today’s turbulent political environment. They also offered long-term strategies for talent recruitment as fewer foreign nationals are applying to US universities. This article highlights best practices for recruitment and retention of foreign talent.

Many fast-growing industries face a challenge in maintaining a large enough pipeline of talent. When companies...


USA! USA! Forging the Extraordinary Team: From Many to One #SHRM17

Iris Firstenberg told us a story during her master series session at the SHRM Conference 2017 “Forging the Extraordinary Team: From Many to One”, which I am about to share with you all, on how a team came together in two ways: by heart and mind.

Iris Firstenberg explaining the importance of setting standards for a team at the SHRM Conference Master Series: “Forging the Extraordinary Team: From Many to One”.

If you want to think about history, you go back to 1989 and you think, exactly my thoughts. You must...