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Bullying, Violence & Harassment: A Conversation with #SHRM18 Speaker Catherine Mattice


Catherine Mattice, president of Civility Partners LLC and speaker at the upcoming 2018 SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM18), has been helping organizations build positive workplace cultures for over a decade. Her session, “Workplace Bullying IS Illegal: Bullying, Violence and Harassment (and How to Detect and Stop It)” will show how a positive workplace culture can make all the difference.

She was kind enough to talk with me recently about her work and her upcoming presentation at #SHRM18:

Growing Towards the Light


“I believe that it’s an employer’s...


WFPMA World Congress 2018 at #SHRM18


Artificial intelligence, #metoo, the gig economy – these are just a few of the issues shaping the future of work.  Because there has never been a more important time for HR leaders to come together and share ideas, we hope you can join us for the WFPMA World Congress  which takes place June 19-22, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

We are particularly excited that the 2018 World Congress takes place in conjunction with the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition.  This co-location enables you to have the best of both worlds...


The Journey to #SHRM18: An Interview with Stacey Hanke

One of the biggest reasons I’m excited to be a member of the #SHRM18 Blog Squad is the incredible opportunity to interview thought leaders that will be speaking at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. As we continue on our journey to Chicago, it’s truly a privilege to provide you with content that highlights how each of these speakers approaches their work, and shares their ideas on adding value to lives of the people we’re serving. When selecting from the list of talented professionals who will be speaking at the event, I looked for those who will be...


#SHRM18 Can Change Your Life, Too!

My Experience at SHRM17 changed my life.

At this time last year, I thought that I had everything in place to be the best #HR pro ever! I had a few friends in Houston and other places who were helping me, and I thought I couldn’t do better. I was so wrong.

Last year, I was chosen as one of the recipients of the SHRM Foundation’s Conference winners. It was an amazing experience. Everyone at #SHRM17 was so nice and so easy to talk to.

So I decided to take a...


Stalking #SHRM18 Style: Mary Faulkner


On a whim, I applied to speak at #DisruptHRDen in March 2018. Obviously, I love the whole #DisruptHR movement so it wasn’t a lot of arm twisting to want to attend in Denver and I usually use speaking as an “excuse” to make a trip (like I did in Minneapolis). I knew I could see some old friends and new Twitter friends (and even got to stay with the awesome Kelly Marinelli, my Twitter/SHRM BFF). I also knew I would be able to hang out with the...


A Hitch in the Hierarchy



Back in 2014, I conducted training entitled: Our Three Audiences.

The goal was to workshop the avenues in which human resources is the one true conduit to all organizational functions: employees, managers & executives.

As #SHRM18 grows near the focus on bridging workforce gaps remains an ever-pressing HR-related topic.

The New Rules of Engagement were conceptualized six years ago, yet they remain relevant. To paraphrase the first New Rule of Engagement:

People Don't Leave Companies, They Leave Managers

We revisit the SCARF methodology. Employees are individually motivated in one of...


Manners Or Sensitivity: What’s More Important for Cubicle Etiquette?



I was reading about sensitivity training and it got me to thinking…

Sensitivity usually requires some degree of relatability, but having good manners only requires imitation or compliance. Sensitivity is difficult (if not impossible) when it’s disingenuous, but good manners do not require empathy.

Here’s what I mean. Rudy grew up in the 70s and attended public schools in DC.  Suzy was home schooled in the 90’s, in rural Indonesia. Though both may feel loss, hurt, love, and joy, asking Rudy to relate to Suzy or Suzy to Rudy on...


Chicago, Chicago #SHRM18



Yesterday, #nextchat featured the #SHRM18Bloggers celebrating what’s truly amazing about SHRM’s annual conference, and what we’re looking forward to this June in Chicago. One of the questions that got me thinking was about the unique and exciting opportunities for us to get to know the city of Chicago. There is a proud and engaged group of local SHRM leaders and members in Chicago and they can’t wait to show off their amazing city to thousands of HR pros coming into town for #SHRM18.

Another tip I got today on #nextchat...


Why Resumes Need to Retire



I spoke at a conference five years ago in which I declared, “resumes suck.”  The context was about over-inflated resumes filled with key words, and on the other side, employers who dismiss great talent based on a piece (or ten) of paper. In short, resumes needed to be retired and replaced with a more dynamic way of matching talent with needs.

Yet in 2018, we will still ask for traditional resumes and expect internal and external recruiters to work magic when it comes to attracting high-demand talent and needed skill sets.  WHY?!?

Let’s go...