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Bold Purpose on the Global Stage


Bold Purpose.  But Audacieux.  Proposito Audaz.  Algharad Jaree’.

However you say it, over the past year SHRM has been speaking out around the world on all things work.  Before the year ends, our work on immigration and the skills gap will culminate at four international events.  As our Head of Global Outreach and Operations, I have the privilege of travelling abroad on SHRM’s behalf, but it’s our collective work that shapes the opinions of the world’s leaders.  Let me share how.

You may have seen that the G20 Heads of State met last week in Buenos Aires. ...


Be the Spark



Last month, we celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday in the USA. Somehow, the fourth Thursday in November reminds us to pause and reflect on the goodness and gifts we have in our lives.

On the lone Wednesday before that simple Thursday, we had some time to share thoughts with HR professionals about the place for gratitude at work. Within #Nextchat, we explored how to cultivate and celebrate a culture of appreciation at work.

Many ideas and traditions were shared. A common theme was a sincere thank you and an appreciation...


Let’s Fight the Skills Gap by Expanding Tax-free Education Assistance


Today’s college graduates are starting their careers with an average of almost $40,000 in student debt. That data point surely shapes students’ and families' decisions on where to go to college, what to study and whether higher education is even worth it.

That’s bad news for employers, who have never had to work harder to close workforce skills gaps. With unemployment at its lowest point in almost 50 years, the hunt to attract and keep talent has never been more intense. Meanwhile, 44 million Americans—most of them employed...


#Nextchat: Award-Winning Workflex




Work is complex. So are the lives of today’s workers. 

Employers understand that the new world of work requires a culture that encourages and supports flexibility. That’s why the smartest businesses have redefined where, when and how people do their best work.

Businesses are pioneering new environments that focus on results and creating flexible schedules that encourage greater autonomy. As a result, they're seeing higher employee-retention rates and greater productivity. Who are these model employers, and how can you...


Why We Need to Simplify Work


Organizational complexity is strangling innovation, productivity and engagement at an increasing rate. As companies have grown, they have added more structures, reporting relationships, communication channels, processes and rules. The ever-increasing reach of these organizational tentacles has resulted in many groups becoming lost in the complicated bureaucracy.

Attempting to see through the fog and deliver value is becoming unnecessarily challenging and is holding many organizations back from peak performance, global management consultant Jesse W. Newton argues in his book Simplify Work: Crushing Complexity to Liberate Innovation, Productivity and...


The Increasing Demand for Flexible Work Arrangements



When I attended a meeting recently at an offsite location, the office suite was an aesthetic experience in itself. I was lucky to get a quick office tour after the meeting ended and I couldn’t help but appreciate everything I saw— from the wall art to the spacious kitchen area, the plants, the workstations, and the scenic views from the large conference rooms. In one word, it was spectacular! However, I noticed that the office was almost empty. Out of curiosity, I asked where everyone was, and I learned that...


A Jewish Guy Who Wears a Chai gets Personal



For many years, around the holiday season, I have written cautionary tales from “The Jewish Guy Who Wear A Chai.”  Chai is the number 18 in Hebrew and means life.

This year, I was reluctant to use the title.  For the first time in a long time, I have been the target of antisemitism.  Then, there was the massacre of 11 Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Hatred against Jews is not new.  But it is increasing—there is a meteoric spike in hate crimes against Jews across the globe (both before and...


Work, Life and Stuff That's Funny



HR can be serious business. It can also be a source of comedic material. The funny and the not-so-funny.

The reality is...

People can be really difficult. Communication is hard. Change is hard.

Work can suck.  

But people are really funny. And the situations we find ourselves in - at work, at home, in public - can be hilarious.

Ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? 

I believe it. And for good reason. There have actually been studies on the health benefits of laughter.

And besides all that, it just plain feels...


If I Can Do It, You Can Do It…



You may or may not have noticed that I have taken some time off from writing lately.  I have done a few pieces for a new concept at SHRM #NotionsByNicole found here.

To say it’s been quite a year is an understatement.  There is a saying that with adversity or challenge that you have survived it 100% of the time, so why second guess it now?  It’s true.  I have.  You have.  Let’s first and foremost be thankful for that.

This year has been tough.  I lost my job.  I lost...