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Even if You Have Only One Employee in New York City!



Effective December 31, 2018, the minimum salaries to be exempt from overtime under New York State law under the executive and administrative exemptions were increased to the following amounts:  

  • Large Employers in New York City with 11 or more employees:  $1,125.00 per week
  • Small Employers in New York City with 10 or fewer employees:  $1,012.50 per week
  • Employers in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties:  $900.00 per week
  • Employers outside of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties:  $832.00 per week

New York does not have a different minimum salary...


#Nextchat: What's Out, What's In and What's Next for 2019





For HR professionals, change is inevitable. Change allows HR professionals and their organizations to remain relevant and competitive in an ever-evolving global marketplace. Savvy HR leaders are constantly looking at trends, recalculating routes and changing strategies to accomplish goals. Sometimes this means a lot of trial and error and “out with the old and in with the new” as they refine personal, professional and...


The Coming Year . . .



I remember gathering at a friend’s house in 1999 for New Year’s Eve. The party was very casual and the crowd was made up of several couples with many little kids running around. The excitement was high because as the ball was going to drop and become the year 2000 we wondered if Y2K was actually going to occur. There was some anxiety mixed with a ton of skepticism.

We counted down, 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 ....


New Methods for Educating the Future Leaders of HR


Today, everyone is fascinated with talking about the “future of work.” But who is the future of work? That’s right–students. The kids (we’re old enough to call them kids, right?) that are coming up behind us are going to truly BE the future of the workplace.

In today’s episode of We’re Only Human, Ben takes the opportunity to sit down with a long-time friend, Matt Stollak, to talk about these ideas. Matt teaches HR courses at St. Norbert College, and he takes a very different approach to the classroom than most professors.

If you are hiring new HR professionals...


Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Part 1 with Jessica Pettitt


Welcome to our special series on Diversity and Inclusion.  It isn’t my area of expertise, but obviously a very important topic in the world of business culture.  I gathered 6 experts to close out 2018 to share their perspectives.  This is part 1.

My expert guest today is Jessica Pettitt and I love that her website says she isn’t your typical diversity speaker.  I know Jess and she isn’t your typical anything, which is one of the many reasons I love her.  This is her second appearance on my podcast.  She is super bright, super funny, and really strives...


Striking a Balance on Remote Work




Contemplating a remote work policy? You’re not alone. Many careers no longer require punching a time clock. In fact, research indicates that 70% of people work remotely at least once a week. Nevertheless, many employers have not yet embraced remote work.

Offering a remote work policy for flexible working arrangements can be beneficial for employee morale. Other benefits include real estate cost savings and the ability to hire the best talent anywhere. While some early adopters – such as IBM – have called employees back to...


When Values Clash: Finding Your Moral Compass



Values matter, particularly in uncertain times. We all tend to fall back on our values to guide us in making major decisions, particularly when navigating uncharted waters. However, most of us struggle to clearly articulate our values in a meaningful way. In a recent conversation with Ivan Misner, founder of Business Networking International (BNI) and author of the newly released book Who’s in Your Room, he shared that whenever he asks audiences to share their values, “the silence can be deafening.” The reality is most people, including seasoned leaders, struggle...


USA TODAY “Ask HR” Column: A Year-In-Review

2018 was the year to “Ask HR.”

In a special addition to its coverage of careers, USA TODAY invited Society for Human Resource Management’s President and Chief Executive Officer Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. to be its “HR expert” by authoring a weekly column about the workplace.

Readers responded with many questions on topics ranging from asking...


#Nextchat RECAP: The Value of Membership

On December 19, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM's senior vice president of membership, Mike Aitken (@SHRMSVPAitken), about the Value of Membership.

If you missed this excellent chat about how membership provides resources for daily tasks, opportunities for networking, and tools for professional development, you can read all the tweets here:


You Are Powerful Beyond Measure


Growing up, I've always been a bit of a movie buff. That was my hobby, I loved movies. All types, really. And this love of movies followed me into adulthood. Granted, with a pair of 3-year-olds running around the house, the opportunities to watch movies are fewer than they used to be. It's more common to see Trolls or Moana on the TV these days. I think one of the reasons I love movies so much is because they tell great stories. A great story sticks with you. The characters become real. You can start...