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Do it Anyway



We’ve all been there.  Someone on our team or in our organization is behaving in a manner that would not exactly motivate us to want to help…may cause us to want to react defensively or simply ask “why should I help them when they are being so difficult?”

Do it anyway.  Help because that’s the right thing to do.  You are not in leadership and certainly not in HR for the accolades, so keep that in mind, perform whatever visualization exercise you need to get through it, and help anyway....


What’s the Most Luxurious Benefit You Can Offer an Employee in 2019?


I read a bunch of articles about what’s the next greatest benefit to offer employees. I read one the other day that tried to make it seem like now offering food at work is normal, like everyone is giving away breakfast and lunches, like you give away health insurance.

It’s the one thing I hate about reading mainstream media HR articles. Apparently, the only employers in America are located in the 50 square miles around Silicon Valley. Do you really think I believe that the majority of companies...


#Nextchat: Hiring Millennial Talent in 2019



With a sub-four percent unemployment rate and one of the highest quit rates we’ve seen in decades, we are currently experiencing a very tight labor market. Companies across all industries, and of all sizes, are finding it challenging to attract and retain top talent.  

To help solve that problem, LaSalle Network recently collected data from more than 5,000 millennials (millennials make up 35 percent of the workforce, making them the largest generation in the workforce) to discover what they want in a career and company, and why they...


The Workplace Sophomore Slump—And What Bosses Can Do About It




Year one of anything is new and exciting. Whether it’s freshman year of college, a new relationship or marriage, or the first year of a job at any stage of someone’s career. Then year two hits, and what was once new starts getting repetitive. Things start to get stale and aren’t as exciting. This is known as a sophomore slump.

Being in the staffing and recruiting industry for two decades, I see this all the time in the workplace. New hires join a company and in their first year...


Can We Dock an Employee for Using Company Paid Leave?


Reader Question: Can an employee be docked on a yearly/scored performance evaluation for using their paid sick leave benefit for legitimate medical appointments?

The Purpose of Employer Paid Leave

The purpose of offering leave is to give people options when they need to use their time for something unrelated to work, such as personal medical appointments. From a practical standpoint, it makes little sense to punish people for using the benefit you have offered them, especially if (like many sick leave plans) the time expires at the end of the year...


Finding Your Voice Amongst the Din of the Robots



The new year brings with it the tremendous predictions of technological advances. We are in the midst of great change. Artificial intelligence, machines that learn, algorithms that can predict the future, and automatons that can replace human jobs. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But day-to-day living marches forward. It’s amazing to think that a robot can vacuum the living room, or that my phone can translate my voice into French – but next Monday is still a work day. The same commuter traffic will be a problem,...


Diversity & Inclusion Part 2 with Corey Kupfer


Welcome to our special series on Diversity and Inclusion.  It isn’t my area of expertise, but obviously a very important topic in the world of business culture.  I gathered 6 experts to close out 2018 to share their perspectives.  This is part 2.

Today’s expert guest is Corey Kupfer, attorney, dealmaker, serial entrepreneur and founder of Authentic Conversations about Race.  Corey has more than 30 years of professional negotiating experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney. I believe in changing the world one person at a time, so I was attracted to Corey’s philosophies because he says he wants...


5 Tips for Being Productive, Not Busy


I’m a calendar junky. There, I said it. I believed that in order to feel accomplished and important, I needed to fill my calendar, every day, every moment. I filled it with meetings, calls, appointments, lunch dates, product reviews, sales pitches, networking meetings, board meetings.

I was busy, but I was not productive. All the things I was involved in served only to take up valuable time, and then I would find myself working late into the evening, and yes, on the weekends, doing actual work I was being paid to...


3 Recommended Updates for Your Handbook in 2019



Q: I’m the office manager for a company with about 30 employees. Every year I am responsible for updating the employee handbook and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for what I should be looking for in 2019.

A: Kudos for staying on top of your handbook on a yearly basis. Without annual updates some handbooks languish for years, then employees stop trusting it as an accurate reflection of how you do business. That’s not good.

The changes I’m suggesting for next year are not so much based...