Q&A with Dan Schawbel: The Next Generation Of Courageous Leaders


Today, we speak to Dan Schawbel, author of Back to Human and moderator of our keynote panel “How Millennial Leaders Create Bold Cultures Through Courage and Connection” taking place at the HRPS Annual Conference on Tuesday, April 9th at 12:45 PM. In Schawbel’s leadership book, he talks about the importance of building strong human connections with your teammates instead of relying on technology as a crutch. Together with his panel of Millennial leaders, Schawbel will explore how they’ve built a more human culture, overcome organizational challenges and...


Really Don't Care


Daily frustration is not fun.  Poor Mr. Wilson. In the comics, young Dennis would frustrate Mr. Wilson with his harebrained ideas and incessant bantering. Often Mr. Wilson would be screaming for Dennis to leave him alone, to leave his property, to leave the planet. And yet, in about an hour, Dennis would be back to torment.  Oh, the innocence of youth.

Who is your Dennis? Perhaps you have a crew of Dennises darkening your doorway each and every day.  It’s not so cute having such a waiting line each day, is...


Are You Ready For Spring Training?


The skies are gray, the temperature is cold and the snow blows across the yard.  I look outside and I think that winter will never end.  Just when I think I cannot take another moment, a vision appears and I see  men in uniforms, standing on green grass, throwing a ball back and forth in the warm air and sunny skies either in Florida or Arizona.  This vision assures me that spring training will be just around the corner.  Life is good and I can make it through another winter day....


How Events Build Diverse Talent Pipelines



I was the sixth employee of the Huffington Post, the Executive Director of Digital at The Washington Post and the Founding Managing Editor of Now This when they were all building up their teams. In other words, I was once a frustrated hiring manager who would post an opening on a random job board that needed to be filled immediately. Then I would pray that diverse candidates would apply. But of course, I never met my diversity hiring goals with the “post and pray”...


From Felon to Entrepreneur and Impact Maker with Adam Martin


What if we were all given an unlimited amount of grace despite our shortcomings? Adam Martin is the Founder of F5 Project, an organization that provides job and housing opportunities to felons leaving the prison system so they can have a sense of purpose and the confidence to re-enter their communities. Today, Jennifer and Adam dive deep into how the social stigma that surrounds felons effects their successful reentry into society and how we can do better in providing equal job opportunities to this untapped yet promising workforce.


HR, it's Time to Get Your Employees to Unplug


Now if you’re a recruiter in the talent space, you already know that texting is becoming one of the best technologies to actively and passively recruit and communicate with applicants and prospective recruits. It’s fast, cheap and accessible anywhere, at any time. But today’s post is not about using text messaging for recruiting…it’s about avoiding it for your mental health.

Want a real vacation? Unplug for the week. Or if you’re like most Americans addicted to texting and email…unplug for at least one hour, during...


HR From the Heart


I read HR from the Heart by Libby Sartain many years ago, before I really had any work experience in HR. I love how Libby talked about the different aspects of HR and the impact you could make on business and people as an HR professional. I recently decided to read the book again now that I’ve been working in the field. A lot of things make more sense to me, and some things I really needed to hear again as a reminder. I highlighted so many good nuggets as I...


When it Comes to Motivating Employees, More Conversations Are Essential


Developing and nurturing a motivated workforce is one of the single most important things any organization can do to secure and maintain competitive advantage. But it seems that most companies aren’t doing a good job, as according to Gallup a staggering 87% of employees around the world report feeling disengaged at work. There are many factors contributing to this extremely costly problem, but a primary offender is the outdated processes and technologies that most enterprises still rely on to manage employee performance and develop their workforce.

To provide forward-thinking HR and...