From the CEO’s Desk: A Veteran’s Day Message

By Hank Jackson, SHRM President & CEO 

This month, the nation recognizes Veterans Day to honor and thank all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces for their service to our country. We celebrate their commitment to duty, our nation and the freedoms we cherish as Americans.

Unfortunately, more than 10 million veterans are currently out of the labor force. Men and women who so bravely served our country shouldn’t have to battle for a job when they come home. I believe HR professionals should lend a hand, any many are.

In this month’s issue of HR Magazine, I highlight the great work of Arkansas SHRM, Philadelphia SHRM and the Cleveland State University SHRM Chapter, but these are only a few examples of positive efforts.  Read more about their efforts here.

I would love to hear from you!  In the comments box below, please share what you or your SHRM chapter are doing to serve those who have so willingly served us.   You can also tweet using the hashtag #wehirevets!




Bring Back U.S. Apprenticeships

By Hank Jackson, SHRM President & CEO

Our country is facing a conundrum. Right now, 11.3 million people are in the market for a good job. Government and business are searching for ways to put Americans back to work while unemployment remains stubbornly high. And employers are desperately seeking individuals with the skills to fill nearly 4 million open jobs.

One short-term solution: Bring back apprenticeships in the U.S.

For centuries, apprenticeships have been a proven way to develop a skilled workforce and build a strong working class while generating broad prosperity. But in the U.S., the apprentice may be most widely known as a reality television show. The concept of apprenticeships was abandoned decades ago when the nation’s focus shifted to white-collar jobs and four-year college degrees.

Apprenticeships must have a place in today’s workforce.

Click HERE to read more about why I believe the U.S. apprenticeship is an idea whose time has come—again.


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Greater Unity in HR

By Hank Jackson, SHRM President & CEO

In July, we took a major step to solidify the Society’s position in the vanguard of the HR profession by bringing a premier association for senior HR professionals into the SHRM family of affiliated organizations: HR People & Strategy (HRPS). Collectively, we will be a stronger voice for the HR profession.

If ever there was a need for a stronger, more unified voice, it is now.

Today, the economy is still creating uncertainty for our organizations. Globalization is challenging all of us to broaden our thinking and the scope of our work. Shifting demographics are adding a new dimension to workforce management. The skills gap is making it harder to find the right talent.

Technology is turning the very concept of “the workplace” on its head, and the list goes on. SHRM is expanding to create greater unity in HR.

Click HERE to read more about our expansion in my column in this month’s issue of HR Magazine.


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Certification Roll Call!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all HR pros who recently passed exams and are now certified or re-certified! Want to have your name added to the list? Please leave your name and certification in the comments box below or email

Elizabeth Agen
Denise Anderson
Teggie Bellamy
Lisa Benson
Nancy Berghauer
Jessica L. Berridge
Theresa Brehmer
Margaret Bush
Michele L. Claybrook-Lucas
Wendy Danbury
Ryan Dugan
Kirk Elmy
Linda Ford
Liv Freeby
Melissa Gamba
Laura Gomez
Kirk Graves
Candice Graytok
Dan Hamann
Sue Harris
Shamika Lackey
William Lankes
Nadine Key
Linda Marier
Deepa Menon
Michele MacDougall
Kelly Nelson
Cynthia B. Okonkwo
Mary Pakos
Sree Kumar Ravuri
Nikita Rhodes
Jennifer Schimmel
Cyndie Schroder
Dina Sharif
Stacie Stephen
Topeka St. John
Renee R. Taylor
Mark Thompson
Mark D. Tyszka
Karon Uzzell-Baggett
Helen Velez
Dan Wearsch
Lia J. Weinreis
Allison P. White
Sherry White
Shaun J. Wolfel

Michele Anderson
Natalie Anderson
Amelia Becker
Teresa Berry
Nancy Birmingham
Amanda Bishop
Shannon Blair
Rhonda R. Bouie
Chantal J. Brooks
Demetrius Brown
Carol Cabral
Gayle Clift
Vickie A. Cook
Debbie Comeau
Anita Cornman
Patricia “Patty” Dietz-Selke
Gus Ernandez
Angie Etscheidt
Ronda Federico
Leslie Freeman
Shannon Harbottle
Jennifer Harper
Victoria Hilgers
Michelle Hodgen
Anne M. Houska
Duane Jones
Katrina Jones
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Suzanne McCauley – Kelso
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Melissa Kopoulos
Lisa Jenkins Lem
Benjamin Lopez
Stacy C. Lloyd
Michael Maggiotto Jr.
Claudia McCaskill
Melissa McCurry
Latoya McGregor-Gimler
Danni Nader
Juliann Osterlund
Jane Paquette
Julia Parker
Carolyn Partridge
Tricia Pofahl
Charasay Powell
Wendy Preuss
Katherine Quackenbush
Leilani Rania
Joan Rausch
Dave Rietsema
Crystal Castioni Saunders
Michelle Scott
Stephen Scott
Amelia Serrano
Karen Sheeler
Andrea Shirocky
Margot Simmons
Kathy Sours
Mrunmayi Tagare
Aaron Tebbe
Sheena Thorpe
Deanna Vaske
Cathy Vazquez
Barb Wagner
Lindsay Ward
Bdrey Watson
Marianne Wehen
Jo Maurine Wheeler
Ed Zalewski
Jason Zantjer

Allan MacKenzie

Sarah Naraghi
Julie O’Brien
Carol Price

Kaushil Kumar


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VOTE for SHRM in the Social Madness Contest!

By Curtis Midkiff, Director of Social Engagement

We have exciting news to share with you!  SHRM is in the local  finals of the Social Madness contest hosted by the Business Journals.  We are in the FINAL 2 (out of 24) companies competing for the right to move on to the NATIONAL competition where the grand prize is a $10,000 contribution to the SHRM FOUNDATION! 

To make it to the next round, we NEED your votes urgently!

Here’s how to vote:

1. Visit the Social Madness website. (

2. Scroll down the page and click on the “Vote” icon next to SHRM. (When you first vote, you will need to sign in ONE time.)   You can vote once a day from July 2-8! 

We’ll keep you posted on the results!

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