By Mary Kaylor, Manager, Public Affairs (@weknownext)

We Know Next invites you during January to pull out your crystal ball and compare your prognostications with those of our writers as we feature articles and blog posts with Bold Predictions for 2012.

Though economists say we are now well into our third year of recovery, high rates of unemployment and continued economic uncertainty have made it feel like the Great Recession never ended. The SHRM Trendbook outlines the factors that are prompting many leading forecasting bodies to readjust their views of what lies ahead in 2012.

We want a good jobs report, and we want it now,” but the SHRM Jobs Blog explains why the U.S. labor market “will be the last segment of the economy to make a full recovery.”

And discover how “leading companies are focusing on their employees’ measurable work results rather than face time in the office” in the 2012 ‘Bold New Ideas’ Guide, which highlights workplace flexibility successes.

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