By Nancy Davis, Editor, HR Magazine

Start these New Year’s projects with advice from the pages of HR Magazine:

1. Do your part: Five ways you can help put more people to work. (p. 22)
2. Study impediments to U.S. job creation; watch SHRM’s new “Focus on HR”video news program.
3. Identify one more way to strengthen your company’s employee value proposition. (p. 36)
4. Create a multipoint plan to turn around turnover. (p. 30)
5. Launch a bank-at-work program. (p. 47)
6. Improve employees’ financial literacy through training provided by bank officials. (p. 47)
7. Experiment with real-life and virtual ways to give job candidates a taste of what work will be like as employees. (p. 51)
8. Control misuse of company information with computer forensics. (p. 5)
9. Adopt six low-cost ways to deliver safety training. (p. 20)
10. Encourage low-stakes mistakes to unfetter team creativity. (p. 66)