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#Nextchat: Improving the Employee Experience with HR Technology



HR professionals are continually challenged by their CEOs and CFOs to find ways to increase efficiency while providing better communication, faster service and a more positive experience for employees.

HR is responding by making significant investments in technology to revolutionize every aspect of the employee life cycle.

Technology now influences nearly every aspect of an employee’s workplace experience, which allows employers to better hire, train, manage, coach, evaluate and engage workers.

New HR mobile apps now allow workers to rate their peers and to deliver instantaneous, honest and truly anonymous...


Under-Represented Youth and the Social Organization

iUrban Teen and the White House Celebration of My Brother’s Keeper Anniversary

“I'm so proud of iUrban Teen and other ‘career accelerators’ for underrepresented youth. We're guiding the next talent pipeline and developing great citizens. What an honor to be at the White House for the third time!" – Deena Pierott, iUrban Teen founder and White House Champion of Change for Technology Inclusion

In 2011, I worked with a few others on a generational diversity study and, through that, was invited to be a part of the White House Champions of Change program. A few months after adding the event to my LinkedIn...


Be Heard !!

This past week, I had the opportunity to participate in something that still seems surreal. I spent a few days in Cleveland, Ohio during the Republican National Convention. It was an incredible spectacle, and it was hard to take it all in.

I was fortunate to be participating as part of the SHRM Board of Directors and the SHRM A-Team. We met with great HR pros to discuss a look ahead on how the upcoming election affected workplaces, HR and employees. If you didn’t know, SHRM attends both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. They don’t take a political...


Convention Week #2: One Week Down, and One Week Closer to Election Day

Convention Week #2: One Week Down, and One Week Closer to Election Day

Well HR friends, the general election season is definitely here. You received very cool on the ground posts from the SHRM/CFGI family last week, giving you the inside scoop on all the activity and content from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And now I bet you have a lot to think about as the events kick off in Philadelphia today for the Democratic National Convention. You hopefully noticed that workplace public policy issues – particularly those highlighted in the SHRM CFGI Principles for a 21st Century Workplace - were...


Wow! Why Corporate Cultures Are So Hard to Change

I was coaching an HR executive recently, when I expressed that they should consider help with corporate culture. 

He said, “What?”

I said, “You’ll need help changing a company culture.”

The question was asked in exasperation, “Rue, why is culture so hard to change?”

I smiled while I thought of an answer. My long-winded answers usually come with analogies. I liked this one, so I just thought I would share it.

I said to the HR exec:

Individuals make up families and we all have personalities and habits....


HR Networking: Pay it Forward #SHRM16


It’s been about 30 days since about 14,000 of us (give or take a few) made the trek back from SHRM’s 2016 annual conference.  In one way it seems hard to believe it’s been that long.  On the flip side, it seems a distant memory.  I am left, however with a strong yet gentle reminder of the warmth and spirit of collegiality.  I am reminded to learn from others who so readily share their knowledge, experience and expertise.  The generosity of others reminds me to pay it...


Bill-Ability and Salaries

Some employers are confused about how their exempt employees can maintain exemption status when the company has clients that are billed for labor on an hourly basis.

Many employers believe that there’s a problem with paying an exempt employee on an hourly basis. They should have a problem.  Most times it is not permitted.  However, some exempt employees can be paid hourly, believe it or not. Teachers, physicians, lawyers, and computer professionals paid at a certain (high) rate are all examples of exempt employees that can be paid hourly. Yup!



Cleveland Concludes, Philly Forthcoming


SHRM and CFGI successfully wrapped up participation in the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week and are now preparing to take on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, PA next week. To say the convention experience is exciting, is certainly an understatement!  

The RNC proved to be an excellent opportunity for SHRM to showcase Principles for a 21st Century Workplace, highlighting innovative, fair and competitive policy solutions. Throughout several partnership events with the Republican Main Street Partnership, a SHRM Member Engagement Event with the ...


Future Friday: The Skill Sets Needed for the HR professional of the Future


I came across an article directed at the Chief Information Officers, in other words the IT leader, which talked about the skill sets the CIO of the future will need to have to be most effective. Not too surprisingly this skill set works well for the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) as well. In fact they work well for the HR professional at all levels. I have written about each of these skill sets in the past but thought it would be constructive to revisit them....


CFGI Carries Immigration Reform Message to the Convention in Cleveland

CFGI was on the ground at the Republican National Convention (RNC) this week, joining our SHRM colleagues for a second RNC in a row. This year we focused on making the case to candidates for office, current members of Congress and opinion leaders for creating a 21st century workplace, one that ensures a competitive workforce – including a need for immigration reform.

On Day One (July 18), the GOP adopted its party platform. It addresses immigration issues by emphasizing the importance of the American worker and recognizing...