By Nancy Davis, editor, HR Magazine

At SHRM’s Strategy Conference last October, I heard HR leaders from three diverse organizations describe the complex ways they help employees link personal goals to companywide strategies. Although each method was quite different, there were many common HR elements. So, a couple of months ago, I asked Contributing Editor Adrienne Fox to look at a double handful of companies where HR professionals consistently link strategies and goals year after year. The results of her investigation can be found in the April cover story. She created a simple list of steps HR professionals at any size company can use to develop or improve the ways their employees buy into and support corporate strategies.

Also in the April issue are a couple of articles about teleworking. One describes Yahoo executives’ ban on working at home. The second, by Contributing Editor Bob Grossman, shares rich details about the growth and development of Unilever’s worldwide telecommuting program. Unilever now offers the opportunity to work from home, flexible hours and related benefits to more than half of its 171,000-employee labor force; 90,000 regularly participate in the “Agile Working” initiative. Components of the program can be tapped by everyone except plant workers.

Of course, productivity measures figure largely in the disparity between Yahoo and Unilever executives’ approaches. Please share your opinion about telework and productivity by writing me at, and thanks for contributing to HR Magazine.