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What Employees Want in an Employer Wellness Program


Running a competitive business and having healthy employees are twin goals that most employers consider inseparable. And to support both, many employers have invested significant time, money and thoughtful resources into building a comprehensive health, wellness and fitness program.

Yet, despite the myriad of available tools, technology and programs that have attracted a number of employee participants, there is still a significant number of non-participants—nearly 60 percent—who remain outside of the program looking in. They are those who indicate they are likely to start participating, but for some reason do not....


#CarnivalofHR: Scary Tales from HR


It’s that time of year where we typically think of witches, candy and what we’re going to use to spike the Halloween punch.  This year, it seems to be more about the widespread scary clown sightings.  That said, I’m still a fan of watching scary movies- the cheesier, the better.

With that in mind, I decided to have a scary theme for this month’s Carnival of HR.  Anyone who works in Human Resources knows that it can be scary from time to time.  We’ve all had employees that went a little crazy, situations that seemed to fall apart no...


HR Intel: Crisis for Chipotle? HR to the Rescue!


About six weeks ago, we covered some of Chipotle’s HR trials and tribulations, including a class action lawsuit filed by 10,000 workers claiming wage theft and the NLRB attacking provisions of the Chipotle employee handbook. Turns out, that was only the tip of the HR iceberg.

I visited a Chipotle last week near the XpertHR US headquarters around 12:30 p.m. on a weekday and I saw something truly shocking: hardly anyone was there for lunch. You see, this particular Chipotle was regularly stuffed like a burrito during lunch time, requiring...


#Nextchat RECAP: Effective Practices to Stamp Out Workplace Harassment

On October 26, @shrmnextchat chatted with EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum (@chaifeldblum) and employment attorney Jonathan Segal (@jonathan_hr_law) about Effective Practices to Stamp Out Harassment.

In case you missed this important chat, you can read all the tweets here and below:



Retaliation is a big deal to the EEOC


On September 7, 2016 I wrote Guarding against retaliation is a much more active process now! Since then I have read some additional material that certainly indicates that retaliation is a very big deal to the EEOC. The EEOC has even prepared suggested steps that employers should take to insure they do not engage in any retaliation. Lest you are unclear “suggested” in the EEOC playbook means “must do or we will blast you.”

Suggested or “promising” practices

The EEOC published what it called “promising practices” that employers could...


Inclusion: What are you building on? #SHRMDIV


Somewhere in their delightful book, Switch, Dan and Chip Heath write “What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.” I believe this to be true and especially true when it comes to D&I work. I would say that the lack of clear, concise, common language and logic is Mistake #1 that organizations make…and almost all of them make it.

In the past 10 years, inclusion has become an incredibly popular word, it is today one of the most popular words in the workplace, right up there with innovation and engagement. It is...


3 Ways To Improve Parental Leave To Attract Top Talent


Parental leave, always a concern among workers planning to have kids, has made headlines this year as companies and policymakers have weighed in on this important employee benefit.

As of this April, New York state and San Francisco passed new paid leave laws. Meanwhile, research and news articles have pointed out the U.S.'s position as an outlier when it comes to paid parental leave. The recent interest, along with the fact that many Millennials are having, or are thinking about having kids, means top...


Military Spouse Unemployment Reaches Epic Levels; Operation Hire Just One Is Prepared to Help

Contributed by America's Career Force 

Military spouse unemployment is triple the national average but according to non-profit, America’s Career Force, Inc., military spouse unemployment can be eliminated with remote careers. 

Researchers have studied the military spouse unemployment problem for years and numerous programs like Hiring Our Heroes and Joining Forces, have been developed to help military spouses find jobs and provide training.  These programs have provided military spouses with a national platform and have started the conversation about military spouse unemployment with companies across America.

Although great strides have been made...


#Nextchat: Effective Practices to Stamp Out Workplace Harassment




In January 2015, the Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Jenny Yang, announced the creation of the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace. Her message: We have made a lot of progress, but the problem persists. She named EEOC Commissioners Chai Feldblum and Victoria Lipnic as co-chairs of the task force

After more than a year of study, including numerous public hearings, in June 2016, on the 30th anniversary...


How to Hire Grateful People



Suppose that Helen is the HR manager of a large clothing company, and Adriana and Mirabel are two women applying for a position in Helen’s department.   Both women moved to the area recently. Here is an excerpt from their interviews.


Helen: I see that you were president of your SHRM chapter a few years ago. What made you want to do that?

Adriana: When I was starting out in HR, I joined the chapter, and the president at the time made me feel welcome. I started volunteering...