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I have had a mentor for nearly 20 years and, while I moved nearly 1,000 miles away from him about two years into our mentoring relationship, we continued.

We didn’t do this by flying back and forth; we used collaborative technology.

At the time, “collaborative tech” was a camera and simple microphone mounted on our PCs at work. The technology evolved and soon we were sharing documents and data during our discussions, albeit still tied to our desks. Not too long after that, we were connecting from our homes, from airports, etc. and able to easily share a plethora of content before, after or while on the call.

I attended...


6 Unique Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Wellness


Where I work, at HealthFitness, we support healthy choices in our day-to-day operations. For us, it begins with support from the company’s leadership. Our leaders have made a commitment to encouraging healthful behavior in the everyday routine of our employees. Employees at our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis have free access to treadmill workstations and an on-site fitness center—and you’ll see leaders from multiple levels in the organization using both regularly.

However, every company is different and it often is challenging to get leaders to actively embrace, let alone serve as champions...


Team Work

Teamwork is generally a misunderstood, misused term. Many have only a hint of what teamwork really is. Some think it is about getting along. Others think it is about getting along well. Among other things, teamwork is about understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses and the roles of the other teammates in order to perform optimally. Fortunately, getting along is often (not always) a consequence of understanding.

Optimal teams in any environment work best when each player is:

  1. in great condition,
  2. understands their role well,
  3. understands their teammates’ roles well;
  4. ...

Multi-Rater Reviews: Advantages and Disadvantages



One study puts the use of multi-rater reviews, also known as 360 degree reviews, at 90 percent. This type of review gathers reactions from multiple sources. Those sources include the employee, manager, co-workers, staff members, and sometimes customers. The idea being that these individuals will provide insights and their collective comments will provide greater feedback for the recipient.

This is exactly the reason that multi-rate reviews are popular. In a traditional performance review,  the manager only provides one point of view. Sometimes an employee will reject the feedback...


HR Intel: What Can HR Do About Retail “Shrinkage?”



You may have noticed, but brick and mortar retail stores are not doing so hot these days. It’s hard not to notice with the bevy of big box stores closing in neighborhoods everywhere, leaving strip malls with giant, shuttered eyesores and a ton of unused parking spaces littered with rolling tumbleweeds. So with some big companies essentially throwing in the towel on the physical vs. virtual shopping battle, what’s the impact this will have on HR?

After announcing plans to close 40 stores in January, Macy’s just announced it...


#Nexchat RECAP: A New Mindset for Mentorship

On August 24, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM Young Professional Council members Jillian Caswell and Dan Cross about A New Mindset for Mentorship.

In case you missed this amazing chat that explored new ideas for mentorship in the new world of work, you can read all the great tweets here:




New College Students!

I don’t have any answers. In fact, the older I get, the more I realize how little I know. But, I know more than you! Do this:

  1. Focus. “Find yourself” after you graduate!
  2. Don’t chase money. The more you get, the more you spend; the more you spend, the more you need/want.
  3. If you’re good at it, chase your passion. If you’re good at it, the money will find you.
  4. Get and keep your scholarships.
  5. Live on campus. The experience can’t be replaced. Your socialization,
  6. ...

Should We Eliminate The Annual Performance Review Process? [Podcast]

We’ve all heard of the phrase “managing up,” but what does it mean to give feedback to your boss – and how can you do it the right way without getting fired? Research shows that many people leave organizations due to bad management, so why not turn that around and empower employees to give managers a piece of their mind?

Joining me to tackle this tough and touchy topic today is Anita Bowness, Global Practice Leader of Halogen Software.



About Anita:...


Drop the Mic—Please!


Presentation skills, practice, and the top ten don’ts.

Fear of public speaking is natural. Believe me when I say it’s the same for every presenter, no matter how seasoned. I’ve given over 200 speeches and presentations all over the world, to audiences small enough to fit in a roadside diner and big enough to fill a convention hall, to your average group of HR professionals and to huge organizations well-known for clandestine missions. I still sometimes shiver with every syllable.

I hear it all the time: “I hate presenting anything...


How to Make the Most of Your Internship

An intern is defined as an advanced student or recent graduate who undergoes supervised practical training. Summer internships are winding down as college students head back to school and dropping the word intern from their title, but the last day on the job doesn’t mean the last day of work. If you put in the work, an internship can help you even months after the fact.

Speaking as a graduate student about to enter the real-world workforce with two internships under my belt, I suggest a five simple steps to make the...