Here’s the top 5 questions from our Cert Prep Chat!

Q. I understand that the test is scheduled for 4 hours. Do most test takers utilize the full 4 hours?
A. The test is now 175 questions and you have 3 hours to complete it. We recommend you use the entire time by first getting through all of the questions, marking any you’d like to review and going back. You may not need all of the 3 hours.

Q. Hello! I would like to have some advice on the best strategy for studying for the PHR. There is so much information out there, I want to focus on the right information. Thanks
A. One of the best approaches to studying for the exam PHR or SPHR is the unique tools within the Learning System is a smartstudy tool that provides you with a detailed plan to study based on your current experience and knowledge since your time will vary based on those factors.

Q. Has the PHR exam changed much over the past few years? If I purchased used prep material that’s 1-3 years old, would that be a better investment than buying the 2013 material?
A. The body of knowledge changed in 2012 so you will want the most current materials. Also, the SHRM Learning System is licensed to only 1 user. Do not miss out on all of the most recent valuable tools.

Q. What is the difference between using the SHRM system as opposed to enrolling with a university program?
A. You will receive the SHRM Learning System in either learning option. However by attending a CU course, you’ll benefit from: An experienced, certified instructor, The SHRM Learning System, ranked the #1 certification prep tool, A structured learning experience that keeps you on track, Opportunities to network and learn from your peers, Tuition reimbursement and 3.5 CEUs.

Q. Is there a deadline between the time the pre-certification course is completed and when the test may be taken?
A. We recommend that you take the exam in the same calendar year as you purchase the SHRM Learning System.

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