2013 Trendbook

By Nancy Davis, editor, HR Magazine

HR metrics have grown so important to every HR professional that we’ve redesigned our annual Trendbook around them. The 2013 HR Benchmarks Trendbook, an insert in December’s HR Magazine, contains data to help you gauge your company’s progress in every HR discipline. It will help you answer questions such as:

*For organizations of your size, what is the average share of operating expenses made up by salaries in 2012?
*For private-sector employers, what is the average ratio of salary to benefits?
*What is the average share of medical plan premiums paid by employers?
*For employee homeowners in the United States, what is the average cost of relocation?
*How does my cost per hire compare with other U.S. organizations of the same size?
*What is the average cost per training hour?

In addition, the Trendbook contains national workforce statistics you will need throughout the year, statistics such as:

*The projected change in the age composition of the U.S. workforce.
*Growth projections for U.S. industries through 2020.
*The percentage of foreign-born workers in the U.S. labor force.

When you get your copy, please let me know what you think of this offering by writing me at nancy.davis@shrm.org.

Thanks for reading and contributing to HR Magazine!